Saturday, July 9, 2016

Production Bible - Hurricanines

When I started creating cartoons for Old School Evil, the first character that sprang from my mind was a cross between M.A.S.K.'s Miles Mayhem and Thundercats's Mumm-ra.  

A marriage made in... somewhere gross.
A military leader that could change into a Universal monster.  It's a simple recipe and from that I created Major Max Malice the Menacing.  He was a kick to make up, especially after switching out the mummy powers to a werewolf, shifting whenever his rage took over.  

The full cartoon took inspiration from two very different sources: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and GI Joe.  You had a crack military unit and mutated into animals, and in the case of the Hurricanines, they were dogs of all breeds.  The different characters popped out of my twisted head as fast as I could type, the episodes streamed like I was watching them on Netflix.  I had an absolute blast creating this show.  And to make it as authentic as possible, I present to you the first few pages of the Hurricanines Production Bible.

Of course, the real production bible is written to completion, including every section that I mentioned in my previous production bible posts, but I've got to keep some of the stuff to reveal later, along with some other mock memorabilia.  Rest assured, by the time the production bible was done, it could have passed for a pitch for a real cartoon - 30 years ago, when they didn't need to be deep or make sense.  Just the way I want it.

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