Friday, July 22, 2016

The Next Step

As I sit here watching Transformers: The Movie, I consider what the next step is for Old School Evil, and how the movie mirrors my plan a bit. After being on the air for a number of years, Hasbro planned to make the big leap and bring their flagship series to the big screen. It was a huge step for a Saturday morning cartoon to get a theatrical film, and one only a few had made before. It was also a huge risk, making room for the new characters by thinking the ranks of the ones we grew up with. Such a big risk, that the similarly-planned GI Joe movie was relegated to home video release.
I find myself in a situation where I need to figure out a plan to move forward as well. Old School Evil is written and edited, read over by a large number of friends and other writers. After more drafts than I ever devoted to a project, the manuscript is a close to being perfect I can reasonably get it. It's time for publishing.
And I can say I'm ready to make that step. I've researched agents that I feel may be interested in my book. Agents who might like a humorous combination of sci-fi and fantasy. Over the next week, I'll be sending out query letters and sample chapters to fifteen of these agents. While waiting for responses, assuming I'll get any, I'll be looking for a second list if agents. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I'll have caught someone's interest.
During that time, I'll also be working on the blog, continuing with the villain retrospects, modeling various assets from the books, and creating some promotional material. And of course, Old School Evil 2. Did I say I was planning a series?
First things first: let's hope one of next week's submissions has "The Touch."

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