Monday, July 25, 2016

Villain Retrospect - Tex Hex

Tex Hex is a villain I had the luck to watch somewhat recently while Bravestarr was living it up on Netflix.  I didn't get much of a chance to watch it when I was a kid, preoccupied with a ton of other shows, including Filmations bigger hit - He-man and the Masters of the Universe.  As such I wasn't too familiar with Tex Hex, and I'm glad I got a chance to get to know him more recently.

Gotta love that mustache.
He sits in a pretty different place than most of the villains I've looked at so far.  It could technically be argued that he doesn't have a place on this list.  Even though he was the primary guy fighting Marshall Bravestarr and leader of the Carrion Bunch, Tex Hex got his power from a bigger villain called Stampede. 
Tex Hex, probably about to get yelled at.
Unlike Mumm-ra who received his power from "the forces of evil" which were never really seen in the show, Tex Hex regularly answered to Stampede, taking orders and, more often then not, being punished for his failures.  Stampede corrupted Tex and gave him his powers, which were permanent (unless Stampede chose to take them away).  But even with his vast powers and screen time, Bravestarr never faced Stampede alone as far as I can remember, instead fighting with Tex Hex and his goons most of the time.

I really enjoyed the time I had watching Tex Hex work his magic.  Compared to his peers, he was a hilarious villain, laughing a lot, making jokes, and generally looking like he enjoyed himself.  He had a flair that not many other villains shared.  Yes he was serious, sometimes, but he was often shown just having a good time.  Another interesting aspect of him is that he was shown to be conflicted about his villainous behavior a few times: once when letting medical supplies go off-world, and once in the usual Christmas episode.  We can all remember Skeletor being swayed by the Christmas spirit when he was stuck with some nerdy Earth kids, but Tex Hex showed some real regret when his former girl was involved.  There's a difference there, honestly, because you could believe Tex Hex's change of heart; no one would fall for Skeletor actually being nice just because a couple of moron kids are cold.  Not to mention the Christmas episode shows Tex Hex's past, something only a few other villains had showcased.  It worked incredibly well in making Tex Hex a memorable villain.

Which is it, purple or pink?
Let's go with some ratings. 
Coolness - 4.  While I love the cowboy aesthetic and the long bushy hair and mustache, the guy was purple.  It made for a decent match with his primarily green outfit, but they could have gone with a darker color to make him more menacing looking.  And compared with Filmation's other villain, whose face was a skull(!) Tex Hex comes across kinda goofy looking, especially with the bunched up lips. 
Effectiveness - 4.  I can't remember any time that he actually got away with anything, but considering he had the opportunity to ruin Christmas and deny kids some much-needed medicine, I'm assuming he was at least a little successful.  That probably doesn't count for much with Stampede though.

As a side note, Tex Hex was the biggest inspiration in creating Sidewinder, one of Old School Evil's villains.  They share a lot of their old west look and magic firepower.  Hmm, maybe I should share some more about that later this week.

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