Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Rocking out and Working it

While celebrating the Transformers movie's 30th anniversary by browsing the metric ton of posts covering it on Facebook and the articles about its production, I happened upon The Cybertronic Spree, a freaking awesome band!  Not only do they play covers from the soundtrack, they do it in some kicking cosplay.  I only wish they had a more songs on their YouTube page.  When are they going to cover Dare to Be Stupid? 

In other news, I've reworked the first chapter of Old School Evil and am waiting for my critique group to give it a once over while I'm working on my query letter.  For those unawares of how the publication process goes, the best route to getting your book out there is to find an agent to represent your work.  The first step is to send a query letter, which is a very short description of your book.  Along with that, some agents request a short bio and a synopsis.  Once I have all those ready, I can start sending them out to whoever I feel is the best fit for Old School Evil.  Until then, I'll be rocking out with the Unicron horns \m/

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