Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Update - A couple of visuals

If you're reading this blog post, you've no doubt (well hopefully) noticed some of the background images.  I wanted the background to represent the various blueprints the villains would have to come up with for their devices and machines.  The easiest way for me to do that was to take a model I was working on at the time, convert it to a wireframe and use that for the design specs.  Unfortunately, I rushed through the creation and I'm stuck with this blurry mess.  But I have plans to change that!

Before I get to them, though I wanted to share what the blueprint behind this post is for.  In Old School Evil, there's a show called the Ultra City Ultra Twins, about two teenagers given super-powered police badges after their police chief father dies in the line of duty.  The badges give the twins certain powers based on different police roles.  All of the twins's powers are non-lethal, non gun-based, but all of the villains are gun-based.  Each of the villains has a pistol or other weapon that have a powered up mode that kind of takes them over in different ways.

The blueprint is Force Bolter, the weapon belonging to the creatively-named villain, Big Gun.  Here's a clearer render of a newer version of the model.
Okay, not that clear, I need to adjust the lighting. In fact, I'm still trying to figure out how to improve my renders.  The gun is created in Blender, a free and, in my opinion, incredibly easy to learn 3D modeling program.  I just figured out a few days ago how to create the cables, I think they turned out really well.  Just need to figure out how to render a better wireframe image.

Any fan of the cartoons I'm basing Old School Evil on will know where the Force Bolter design is inspired from.  I'm not even shying away from it: main character Manny (who loved the same cartoons as I do) mentions how incredibly close it looks to the Transformers's Shockwave in gun mode.

Now that the gun is modeled to the version I want it, I'm not just going to throw it on the background and leave it at that.  I want more designs on there: tanks, robots, weapons, devices.  All sorts of other things.  I want the page covered with crossed-off designs, each one written off as the villains are defeated and the machines are destroyed.  I've got six designs planned out, including the powered-up Force Bolter mode.  I have five of them modeled now with one more sketched that I just need to start modeling.  Here's one more I'm still working on:  Lead Tentacle, a robotic octopus from Zane and the Wild Zoobots.  No explanation necessary.

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  1. Awesome work you're doing, Brian. I can't manage any drawing on the computer with my paint programs so may have to take a look at the one you're using, if I have any spare time. :) Anyway, I think it looks pretty durn good.