Monday, September 12, 2016

Villain Retrospect - Cy-Kill

Who doesn't love Cy-Kill?  Megatron's counterpart in Tonka's Challenge of the GoBots, this guy lead the Renegades from Gobotron against Leader-1's Guardians.  Honestly that's all you need to know about Gobots - everything has a terrible name.  Everything but this guy here.  Cy-Kill, what a kick-ass name! 

Shouldn't Cop-Tur be the same size as Leader-1?
I think that's all he has going for him though.  I'm trying not to make too many comparisons with Megatron, but there's one I can't help.  In Transformers, you have a truck vs a gun.  Sure that is a crazy comparison, but at least Megatron mass-shifts to be Optimus's size.  But Cy-kill's a motorcycle that fights a freaking jet.  And when he changes shape (GoBots don't transform!), he's still way shorter than Leader-1.  It's hardly a fair fight!  At least he's bigger than Scooter.

Gotta go!  Gotta go!  Gotta go right now!
Speaking of Scooter - I had no idea Cy-Kill did the same thing with showing his face in vehicle mode!  Could you imagine driving around being chased by a motorcycle with an angry face and a five o'clock shadow?  Actually, I'm not even sure that's an angry face he's making.  He looks like he's full of that panic you get when you're not sure you'll make it to the bathroom in time.  Not to mention he's already in the right position to blow ass.

Okay, I'll admit it's been a long time since I watched this cartoon and I'm not familiar t all with how the story went.  I know their origin as cyborgs with organic brains, but as far as what happened in the episodes.... no clue.  And YouTube is somehow completely devoid of official or even unofficial episodes. 
So I don't think I can even rate him on effectiveness since I can't tell it at all.  However, I'll do some coolness and I can't give him anything higher than a 2.  The only thing great that he's got is his name.  As cool as the Megatron name is, he still doesn't have Kill in his name!  I don't think there's a single Transformer with a name as cool as that.  So sorry, Cy-Kill, but besides your name, you leave a lot to be desired. 

Edit: I have since bought a few Go-Bots DVDs and Cy-Kill doesn't do much to elevate my original scorings.  His plans aren't much better and mostly involve him running away - even leaving behind his lackey Crasher once.  Worse than Megatron even, he depends on a human for his plans, taking the idea of Dr. Archville and running with it.  So Effectiveness - 2.

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