Monday, September 19, 2016

Villain Retrospect - Hordak

One cannot talk about He-man's nemesis Skeletor without also bringing up his mentor and continual She-ra foil, Hordak. 
Ruler over most of Etheria, Hordak could be looked at as the more successful of the Filmation villains.  Under his brother Horde Prime, he leads a massive army of Horde Troopers to defeat She-ra and finally have the entire planet under his grasp.  At least, I think that's what he was going for.  Unlike Skeletor who always had the mission of taking over Castle Grayskull, I don't think I ever saw what Hordak's goal was.  I don't know if he even had one, considering most of the planet was under his control already. 

Unlike Skeletor whose powers were primarily magic-based, Hordak used more technological or scientific abilities.  Of course, they could have also been magic, but they didn't look like it much.  Hordak could change his arms to look like cannons or laser blasters or turn his whole body into rockets or tanks.  In fact, whenever he did shapeshift his whole body, he looked pretty damn stupid.  I mean look at that.  And that still isn't the worst thing he changed into.

Can anyone tell me why he needed the wheels on the cannon?
Hordak had a much more jovial attitude than Skeletor.  He seemed to enjoy his work more.  He laughed a lot more.  I'm probably making this all up.  There wasn't much to Hordak.  I mean, if you were to watch an episode of He-man and an episode of She-ra, which villain would you remember more?  The guy with a skull for a head or the guy that looked kinda like a bat, uh... thing?  He's a terrible looking villain!  And I think in cartoons where technology shows up sparingly but magic is all over the place, his mechanical stuff just doesn't fit as well.  Not to mention that as a toy, how were you going to play his shape-shifting power?  Sure you had Trap-Jaw with the replaceable arms and you could do the same with Hordak, but when he turned into a tank?  Were you going to put a goofy paper-plate mask on an Attack Trak?  No, you just miss out on half of his abilities!

Defeated by Hay-Fe-Vor!
Let's go to ratings.  Coolness - 1. I don't think I have much more to say than this: out of all the villains I looked at so far in Old School Evil, Hordak is the goofiest, and least terrifying one of all.  And that's comparing him to the likes of Dr. Claw (awesome voice) and Mon*Star.  Okay, maybe he's tied with Mon*Star for sheer ridiculousness.  Effectiveness - Being a Filmation villain, he's doomed to being completely ineffective, with stupid plans that are beaten with minimal effort by the heroes.  But Hordak rules Etheria.  He's already taken over a planet!  Does that count for something?  Probably not.  He's a 2.

And don't even get me started on Imp.

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