Monday, October 17, 2016

Villain Retrospect - Genghis Rex

If there's one thing that captured the interest of any kids in the 80s it was dinosaurs.  Every kid loved them and they made appearances in practically every cartoon - most notably as the Dinobots in The Transformers. But so few cartoons capitalized on it like Dinosaucers

In this cartoon, a race of aliens called the Dinosaucers from the planet Reptilon comes to earth on a friendly mission to look for resources, but are followed by the evil Tyrannos.  Typical cartoon nonsense words if I've ever seen them.  But the cartoon was pretty cool - the characters were the most interesting being humanoid looking dinosaurs with lots of colors.  The best part was when the good guys "dinovolve" - becoming full-fledged dinosaurs!  I loved watching this cartoon and it's a wonder to me that it didn't last that long - though I'm sure it had at least a little to do with the fact that it had no toyline release, although that's a sort of "the chicken or the egg" thing.  Over time, it was practically forgotten among the deluge of more successful cartoons, something I think is a big shame.

Genghis Rex was the leader of the Tyrannos.  I wish I could say I remember more about him, but as this cartoon faded from everyone else's memory, it's done the same in mine.  He yelled a lot and seemed to get great delight from being called silly names like "Bossasaur."  He was a smart leader, even understanding at times, but was quick to rage as well.  I don't remember him having any particular powers (since he and his minions were unable to dinovolve), but still, being a 20-foot tall half-dinosaur is still pretty damned powerful. 

Each of the characters in the cartoon had their own flying ship and the Tyrranos' base was a giant red T Rex robot (reminds me a lot of Trypticon but more spiky).

I'm ready to rule - Coolness - 8.  Genghis Rex looks pretty awesome.  He's a big red T Rex looking guy, what's not to like?  His voice is a deep rumble that fits his character very well. 
Effectiveness - I watched a few episodes while I was writing this and I think his plans ran the gamut from decent to laughable.  Of course none of them work at all, but I think he's pretty even with the rest of the villains, so I'm giving him a 4.

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