Thursday, November 10, 2016

NaNo Update - Milestones

I'm not going to do a whole update to my NaNo novel, but I'm proud to say I hit two milestones yesterday.

First, I passed 25,000 words yesterday. I was going to hit it eventually, of course, but this is the fastest I have gotten this far. I hit it ten whole days quicker than I did in 2014. Over half way done and still two thirds of the month to go.

Second, I wrote over 5,000 words. I've never written that many words in one day and it felt great to cross that threshold.

I generally track my writing progress in Excel, but I missed most of the days last year.  It wasn't a terribly productive year, though, so I don't think there were any major milestones I made over the previous year.
I also track my writing progress in Habitica, an awesome gamified to-do list, and yesterday I was able check off all of my writing habits, earning myself a huge amount of XP.

That's enough of an update, back at it!

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