Monday, November 7, 2016

NaNoWriMo Progress Report - Week 1

I really should work on this graph some more.

First week of NaNo is almost complete and here's where I am so far. The black bar represents the total words I've written each day, while the reed is the total words in the story so far. I started out really strong on the first, which has been pretty common for me the last few years I've done this. Besides the fifth, I've been able to stay above the 1667 daily word count. That's the amount you'd have to write daily to get to 50k on the 30th. I only wrote 1400 that day, but the rest have been at least a few hundred over so right now I'm about 5,000 words over the estimated amount needed by the 6th.

Still need to write today, but I think I'm good for a few thousand. As far as the outline goes, I think I'm staying pretty close to what I had planned and I'm not rushing through it either. I've still got a couple other big fights to write and the climax is quite a ways off. I've got a few characters to come up with, but I think I can figure out what I need to fit the story just right.

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