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Monday, November 14, 2016

NaNoWriMo Progress Report - Week 2

I had a stumble over the weekend but I'm hoping to come back strong today. I was able to break through the 30,000 word threshold yesterday in a late night rush to get the daily 1667 and only got 105 words over it.

I have nothing left in my outline to do besides the climax, so I'm trying to fill in a lot of extra details and events. I'm adding a few characters into the story that originally were only going to be mentioned as being inactive - background information and stuff. I think they're a good fit for the story and will provide for an exciting battle.

I added in another character whose power only works when he's got a full bladder. I really don't like the power at all, so I'm sure it's going to change later on, but it seemed like a decent fight or flight power mechanic. I'm working on making it a reasonable power though.

Back at it if I'm going to try to cross 5K again!

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