Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Call for Help

When I started my Villain Retrospectives last summer, I had a huge list of bad guys I wanted to go over. I counted out seventeen villains, ranging from Megatron - the one I was most familiar with - to ones like Venger and Mon*Star who I knew little to nothing about. Unfortunately, now I'm all out of villains!  I've spoken out about all the cartoon bad guys I know, so I'm asking for help finding other villains I might have missed.

What I need from you amazing readers is the names of other 80s cartoons that have been left off my lists.  Please check out the Villain Retrospects that I've linked above and tell me who else you'd like to see on here.  There are a some rules though - I went over a few of them on my Honorable Mentions post, but I'll go over them again here:

1. No adaptations - I'm talking most Disney cartoons, any movie-based shows, and any anime dubs. I'm looking for original cartoons, so this knocks out Real Ghostbusters, Duck Tales, and Voltron.

2. It needs a discernible villain - There are a few cartoons I had to take off my list because there wasn't a dedicated bad guy. Thundarr the Barbarian had a rotating cast of bad guys, and only one came back for a second appearance.

I've got a few in mind I'm planning to check out, like Visionaries, Dino Riders, and Bionic Six, but I need a lot more.  Once I go over all of them, I've got something big planned for all of the villains put together that I think is going to be pretty cool. 

So let me know what cartoon baddies you'd like to see get some recognition here.  I'm depending on you!

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