Friday, December 16, 2016

Crossovers Part II - He-Man/Thundercats

With IDW just finishing up it's massive Revolutions crossover, which brought M.A.S.K., ROM, and the Micronauts into the fold along with the Transformers and GI Joe, that combining different cartoon together into one story is pretty cool. While reviews of the comics themselves aren't completely favorable (at least among the long-time Transformers comic readers I see online), there's no denying how cool the concept can be when done correctly. 

It seems there's another comic company taking the idea and running with it as DC has combined their respective adaptations in a He-Man/Thundercats limited series! 
Image via Nerdist
Pitting Lion-o and He-Man against the combined forces of Mumm-ra and Skeletor is a pretty awesome idea and rife with potential. I haven't been following the story as well as I should (a new baby makes comic collecting less than feasible), but it appears in issue 3, dropping December 21st, Skeletor has stolen Mumm-ra's power and gained He-Man's power sword and the only ones able to stop him now are the Thundercats. Nerdist has posted a preview of the issue, showing the team taking on He-Man's foe, and though it looks like they're fairing well, I'm assuming the next pages shows just how strong Skeletor really is.

Now if only they were able to throw Bravestarr into the mix!

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