Monday, December 19, 2016

Villain Retrospect - Big Boss

C.O.P.S. was your typical cops and crooks cartoon with mostly ordinary and a few extraordinary characters. For the more creative characters you had to look at the bad guys like Dr. Badvibes - the brain-exposed mad scientist - and my favorite, Buttons McBoomBoom.  What a freaking awesome name! Not to mention he had twin tommy guns built into his chest. 
From the C.O.P.S. wiki

The majority of the boring characters feel into the good guys though. There's Mace, LongArm, Mainframe - names that have shown up in a ton of other franchises - mainly because they're boring as hell.  But there's one name more boring than all the others. It's about as uncreative as you can come up with - Big Boss.

It's like the writers didn't even try. C.O.P.S. had the added strain of coming up with real names for all their characters, and I guess when they exhausted all their creativity coming up with "Brandon Babel" they gave up and tossed Big Boss in there with it. Unfortunately, since they were all out of originality, they gave Big Boss here a generic fat-guy-mob-boss look and to fit in the cartoon better, they glued on a metal hand motif. He's basically Marvel's Kingpin + Dr. Claw, without the charm of either.

I really feel bad for Big Boss. Old School Evil has gone through a ton of awesome bad guys - Megatron, Mumm-ra, Skeletor, even Cy-Kill - and Big Boss is just completely outclassed. He's incredibly bland, given a totally clichéd crime boss voice and to top it off, he's got a pet that has the same metal hands he does. He has no powers besides "faster than a fat guy should be" speed and a hand that can break through a desk. He's doesn't even get involved in most of the capers his cronies does, instead sitting at a desk (eating most of the time) and telling people what to do. In fact, most of the episodes don't even end with him getting in trouble, though it comes across as not really worth the effort to catch him. Even Dr. Claw fares better than him for having at least an imposing voice. And a better looking pet.

I think out of all the villains I've gone though with the villain retrospectives, Big Boss is undoubtedly the most pathetic.
On a rating on 1-10 for coolness, Big Boss comes in as a 0. That's how terrible this bad guy comes across. When almost every one of your cronies is more interesting and better looking, you've got a problem, Big Boss.
As far as effectiveness, I'm not sure how exactly he even came upon his name. He may be big, but a Boss, he ain't. Big Boss is a big 0.


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