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Villain Retrospect - Doc Terror

"Power Extreme!"

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Centurions was a great idea. A modular action figure with almost unlimited customization.  Kids could take the over-sized toy and plug pieces of their different suits into ports that covered the figure's body. The cartoon used this play pattern to create three heroes, each with expertise in land, sea, or air combat and specialized weapons that matched the terrain (or lack thereof). They fought against an arm of land and air robots created by the villainous Doc Terror and his minion Hacker.

Doc Terror defies the expectations that watching the Centurions creates. From the look of him and his henchmen, you'd think he'd be a power-hungry monster, a brain-dead lackey, and a Baroness-type spy girlfriend. But you'd be so wrong because none of them match that at all.  First, you've got his look:
He looks like a cybernetic Moe Howard from the Three Stooges.  He's got a coarse voice angry voice. But he's supposedly genius robotics engineer. He's got a dopey looking sidekick named Hacker, who doesn't have the dopey sidekick mentality (think Cliff Dagger from M.A.S.K.). He's got his daughter Amber working with him who he cares for deeply. Okay so, some of the things are not as apparent: I still remember Hacker being kinda stupid, and I'm not sure how much Amber is even involved in later episodes. 

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I'm getting off-topic. Doc Terror here is half-robot, half-human. The left side of his body is a cybernetic unit called Syntax. I can't find any pictures of his whole body that isn't of the toy, but he looks ungainly and awkward. He has the same ports on his body that the Centurions has, allowing him to combine with some of his drones. I can't remember if he ever did that in the cartoon, though. 

In truth, I remember this cartoon more for the good guys while the villains were these ugly guys that I didn't even want to play with. I had a Jake Rockwell toy, my brother had Ace McCloud, but I never knew anyone that had one of the villains or even any of his drones. I think the creators went a little overboard with how ugly the bad guys were and that made them less desirable to kids. Still, he had a cool name, I'll give him that.

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Let's get on with the ratings! 
Coolness: 1. That 1 point is for the name. The rest of his look is utterly disappointing. His colors are bland, his face is half covered cybernetics that have almost no tech detail. I'm not sure what that silver thing is next to his head. And he's got just five teeth. How odd. 
Effectiveness: 1. I'm going strictly off memory here, but I don't recall him ever being successful in any of his plans.  Most of his plans had to do with wiping out humankind so he can replace them with robots, which in and of itself is kinda dumb since he isn't fully-robotic. Since his plans mainly deal with killing off the human race, wouldn't his human half still die the same way? 

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