Friday, January 13, 2017

Flashback Friday - Introduction

Welcome to Flashback Fridays!  I'm doing something a bit different than you'd expect here.  As I said in my Looking Forward post last week, we're not taking a look at stuff that we watched as kids.  I'm looking back at those shows enough with the Villain Retrospectives.  For this one, we're looking back on the cartoons that never existed.

Here's where it might get a little confusing - we're comparing our world to the world of Old School Evil.  In both of our worlds, cartoons like The Transformers and Inspector Gadget existed as kids television shows.  The main character of the book, Manny, spent the majority of his early childhood glued to the tube watching them just like we did.  His favorite was GI Joe and he even carries around a Roadblock figure for most of the book.

Here's where the big difference is.  In our world, there are a lot of other cartoons that almost existed.  Okay, they never existed, but they're treated as such for the book.  As part of world-building, I've created thirteen new properties that I consider failed cartoon pitches.  But in the world of Old School Evil, the characters and conflicts of each of those cartoons actually existed.

I know it's confusing so let's go back to a previous post - Production Bible - Hurricanines. In this post, I briefly go over the cartoon's concept and villain, Major Max Malice the Menacing.  In our world, it's just a production bible and a few sketches.  But in Old School Evil, Manny finds out Max is his father (dun dun duuuun!).  In Old School Evil, each cartoon represents real battles between colorful heroes and scheming bad guys. 

As Flashback Friday goes on, I'll be posting information for each of the cartoons in a way that shows them as what they were meant to be - failed and lost television shows.  Each show will get a production bible and sketches for their characters and other memorabilia that might have come along with it before it was cancelled.  I've got some great ideas to showcase each of them too! Also, for the purposes of these posts, the cartoons will be divided up into a number of fictional toy companies and animation studios.

Check back next week - we're taking a better look at the Hurricanines!

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