Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wrap-Up Wednesday: 1/18/2017

Work this week has been focused on updating a number of my original cartoon production bibles.  I'd already created production bibles for all of my Old School Evil shows, but there are a few that I felt the need to make changes on, to refocus on specific characters and alter names so there's not a lot of repetition among them. 

First one to receive changes was Union Jackson.  Originally given the less that creative Days of Old title, this cartoon focuses on a James Bond-like spy names Jackson Porter.  When Britain is threatened by the descendants of their greatest literary villains, Jackson summons their historical opponents - King Arthur, Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hood, and Tarzan - to fight them.  I was inspired to make this cartoon from that 80's show Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century.  Anyway, the original concept had Merlin acting as the conduit which brought the heroes to the present (80s) time and along with Morgana le Fay being one of the villains, I felt the Arthurian legend was taking too much of the focus of the show away from the main character Jackson.  To refocus on Jackson, Merlin has been removed from the cartoon and the villains have been changed to their descendants instead of the originals.  And the name was changed to put Jackson front and center as well.

Second was just a name change for another cartoon.  Citizen Robo, the cartoon about a giant robotic head, was original named Rocket Robo when I came up with him in my second round of cartoons.  By the time I reached the fourth round of cartoons, I created Rocket Squad, a Voltron/Untouchables-style cartoon.  To cut out the repetition in the cartoons' names, I decided it was more important in the space cartoon than in the non-space cartoon.  It also makes more sense in context of the show, as Citizen Robo was originally a remote controlled robot that was given free reign after his creator's death - thus becoming a normal citizen in his own eyes.

That's it for this week!  Hopefully, next week I'll get some actual writing done.

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