Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wrap-Up Wednesday: Week 1

Welcome to the first of a new series: Wrap-Up Wednesdays!

Previously, I'd post progress on the book, the query process, and any supplemental writing or art sporadically. If I made some kind of headway, I'd share it, but for weeks that I didn't do anything besides the blog, I'd be searching for stuff to share and sometimes just skip sharing anything altogether.  I'm hoping with doing this on a weekly basis, it'll force me to forge ahead on everything all week long just so I have something to put here.

For this update, I wasn't able to get a lot done as we had a few medical emergencies at home.  Nothing too serious, nothing permanent either, so they're all cleared up now.  I was able to send off a second batch of queries on Friday though and by Monday morning, I had another rejection.  This agent is at the same agency as my first pick and I was rejected by both the first business day after I sent them in.  I wonder if it's policy to rush through rejections that fast?  Still waiting on two responses from my first batch of queries, which gives me eight in total still out in the open. 

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