Friday, February 17, 2017

Flashback Friday: Big Gun

It's Ultra City Ultra Twins - Part II!  Today, we're taking a look at the villains and episodes from the cartoon, including Big Gun right here!  This is a rough draft and I'm a bit rusty on my sketches, but this is basically what he looks like.  He's a punk in the vein of Rocksteady and Bebop from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but with an incredibly powerful weapon.  As the cartoon focuses on the dangers of guns, each of the villains is taken over by their weapons.  In the case of Big Gun here, the Force Bolter grows big enough to encase his entire arm and turn him into a living cannon every time he calls out "Big Shot mode!"  When I created this guy, he was a combination of Megatron - with the Big Shot mode replicating his Fusion Cannon - and Cobra Commander, though I dropped the army of robots idea I got from him.  Instead, he's taken inspiration from Cy-Kill, with a similarly shape-changing motorcycle called the Faster Blaster.  Big Gun here plays a big part in the Old School Evil novels, being one of the retired villains, along with being the father to one of the main characters.  He's got a great smart-ass attitude that was a blast to write opposing the serious and stern Max Malice.
Ultra City Ultra Twins had a number of bad guys, but no main villains leading them, which would have probably disqualified it from the villain retrospectives I'm doing here on the blog.  Still, I enjoyed coming up with all of them and making them fit the "guns are bad" theme.  Check them out below, and let me know which one you like best.
Big Gun - Hi-tech pistol-powered bank robber.  Interested only in money.  He's a punk of the usual caliber - purple Mohawk, wrap-around shades, earrings, and a shiny silver jacket.  Talks 'street.' He's extremely arrogant, can't help but show off during a robbery.  Usually flashing a smile at the security camera.  Has a theme song he hums to himself.
Weapon - Force Bolter - A futuristic pistol that shoots laser beans.  In Big Gun's powered "Big Shot Mode," the gun turns into a cannon that engulfs his whole arm and gives him armor covering his chest.
Ride - Faster Blaster - A motorcycle modeled after the gun that can convert into a robot.  The robot acts like a butler - a snooty one.  In robot mode, it does nothing but whine - it does not help Big Gun in anyway except as an escape.
Sidewinder - A down on his luck guy that steals to get by.  He's always arguing with himself whether he should steal or not and finds himself losing the argument.  He's kind of tragic, but when he's successful, he's glad he did it, so he's not so guilty.
Weapon - Sidewinder - A haunted Civil War-era pistol.  Normally it shoots fireballs instead of bullets.  Inside the gun resides a ghost - the actual 'Sidewinder' who talks like a stereotypical cowboy.  In powered mode, the Sidewinder takes over and he becomes a real ghost.
Ride - Coppermane - A skeletal horse covered in flames.  There's no personality.  Coppermane can fly.
Over-Under - A man that's been turned into a cyborg.  His arms and legs are all mechanical and can split into several different limbs.  He's interested in any kind of scientific or electrical treasures he can find to increase his powers.  He's got an Australian accent and acts like road warrior from an apocalyptic future.
Weapon - Buckshot - A shotgun that can fire pellets of practically any type - fire, ice, etc.  His powered mode allows his gun to split into two different weapons and he does too - his waist separates from his torso, each half holding the weapon.
Ride - He doesn't have a specific vehicle or ride, but when he breaks into his individual parts, the top half can fly and the lower half can drill into the ground to escape.
The Bazooka Bros - Billy and Bart Bazooka are twin brothers that stole a giant rocket launcher from a military facility they were guarding.  They stole it just so they can create havoc by blowing things up.  Both are dressed in military uniforms with helmets that cover their eyes, and they talk in military jargon all the time.  Both are incredibly short - standing on each other's shoulders only makes them Shaya's height.
Weapon - Big Bertha - Though each of the brothers carries a rocket launcher, it's only considered Big Bertha in its powered mode, when the two are combined together.  Alone they fire regular rockets, but as Big Bertha, they can shoot cluster or heat-seeking rockets.
Ride - Big Bertha - When combined, the two can actually mount the rocket and fly away when it launches a missile.
The Gamemaster - The only female villain, she's a hunter of exotic trophies.  She's dressed in typical desert hunting camo and speaks in an African accent.  She's the smartest of all the villains and the only one to really wait for her chance to steal or catch her target.
Weapon - Mongoose - A magic-enhanced sniper rifle.  Usually it only shoots tranquilizer darts, but can fire regular bullets to break objects.  In its powered mode, it allows her to see through walls and it's bullets are able to turn corners.
Vehicle - She doesn't have any specific vehicle, but usually calls on an animal to help her escape.  It can be an elephant, a hawk, or even a lion - she's tamed them all.  All she has to do is blow a whistle.
Big Gun steals a diamond from a museum and finds that it can amplify his lasers in Big Shot mode.  However, he becomes increasingly angrier and more destructive the longer the diamond is in.  Shaya tries to stop him but she's knocked out of commission.  Can Simon figure out a way to shut down Big Gun long enough to steal the diamond back?
Sidewinder the ghost starts to possess his host while he sleeps, robbing trains in the middle of the night of whatever cargo it has.  Exhausted during the day, the host presents to the police station to turn himself in in exchange for help, but the ghost takes over and traps all the police officers in the station.  Can Simon and Shaya figure out a way in before Sidewinder burns the whole place down?
The Gamesmaster is in town and wants a new trophy - Sgt Bosco, the man who captured her father, the original Gamesmaster.  She captures the Ultra Twins and lays her trap for him.  Can the Ultra Twins escape in time to save Sgt Bosco from her trap?
The Bazooka Bros have a bet going to who can blow up the most important attraction in the city.  Simon and Shaya split up to stop them before realizing they can't change their suits while they're separated.  Can they stop both brothers while in their less powerful suits?
Over-Under has robbed a computer factory and gotten away with a super computer chip that allows him to split into more than two pieces.  His parts go on a rampage through town, destroying everything because he can't control them when there's too many.  Shaya goes after the smaller parts, but can Simon shut down Over-Under before all the pieces overload and blow up?
Sidewinder and Big Gun team up to rob the biggest train in the world and the gold deposit on it.  Things get worse when the Sidewinder ghost switches to the Force Bolter and Big Gun is possessed.  Can Simon and Shaya stop the combined power of both weapons in time to stop the train from going over the incomplete Ultra River Bridge?
Over-Under, Big Gun, and the Bazooka Bros are robbing the military command post and stealing millions of dollars in weapons.  Simon and Shaya show up to stop them, but during the fight, a nuclear missile is launched.  Can the combined powers of the Ultra Twins and their enemies stop the missile from hitting Ultra City?
The Gamesmaster is after a new trophy - Sidewinder!  The Gamsmaster finds Sidewinder's host, but his gun in nowhere to be found, as he finally got rid of it.  He askd for help from the police in keeping himself safe, but she's able to follow him there.  Can Simon and Shaya keep the host safe before he gets the gun back and goes after Gamesmaster himself?
After another defeat, Over-Under wants a new more powerful weapon - and goes after Dr Drive to get it.  Simon and Shaya are visiting him when Over-Under attacks and they can't use their badges without giving away their identities.  Can the Ultra Twins stop him without their suits while keeping their identities secret?
After Big Gun escapes another robbery, Shaya tries to get Simon to increase the powers in her badge.  When he refuses, she starts to tinker with them and locks herself in Detective mode and Simon in SWAT mode.  Big Gun strikes again, can the Ultra Twins stop him in the modes they're least familiar with?
The Bazooka Bros attack the local football stadium, and when the building collapses on them, they're separated under the rubble with each of the Ultra Twins.  The Bros just want t blow their way out, but if they try, the rest of the building will crush them.  Can Simon convince the Bros and Shaya that they need a plan as escape before they're buried alive?
The Gamesmaster wants one more trophy - Shaya Stryker.  She captures her at high school where she can't use her badge.  Simon, who stayed home sick that day, has to fight his way in to save Shaya and the rest of the students, but his powers aren't working correctly because he's sick.  Can he keep his powers under control long enough to save everyone and defeat the Gamesmaster alone?
All five villains decide to join forces to defeat the Ultra Twins once and for all.  They attack the police station and find out that neither of the Ultra Twins are actually police officers.  Turns out that all of them were hired by Captain Cross to retrieve the badges for the police station.  Can Simon and Shaya defeat all their villains together with the help of Sgt Bosco and Dr Drive, without exposing their identities to the whole force?

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