Thursday, February 16, 2017


Disclaimer: I'm a shitty photographer. 
For my birthday yesterday, I took a trip to the local museum with a special exhibit - Toytopia!  It wasn't the biggest display of toys, and didn't have much at all of the precious 80s toys as I had hoped, but it was a cool place to spend thirty minutes checking out the history of the toys we all held dear.

First, you get a view of the wall above that showed off toys of the decades.  It did have some cool display items, like a vintage stuffed Mickey Mouse, and the figures to the right. enough, they have a picture of a Transformer below the 1980-90 display, but it's a figure that was released in 2013!  Beast Hunters Wheeljack, what a strange picture to use.  There was a small section that talked about Transformers elsewhere, but I was disappointed that there were no G1 figures on display.

There are a ton of other cool displays, like a Zoltar and floor piano similar to those in the movie Big, a video arcade with some really loud games, a giant Monopoly board and even bigger car token.
There was a huge showing of Lego there, including a wall of minifigures, a train set that was half Lionel and half Lego, and a big Batmobile.

Most surprising, though, was the huge showing of Hasbro's Kre-o line. 

Each Lego/Kre-o stand had drawers so kids could build their own creations.  But I think many of the loose bricks, if not all of them, were Kre-o bricks.

There are even a few GI Joe Kre-ons in there!
Overall, it was a great trip and a lot of fun to see some of the cool displays they had, including one that talked about the worth of old toys now.  If you see it coming through your town, take a look, you might find some interesting stuff.

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