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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wednesday Wrap-up: 2/1/17

Last week, I spent a little time working on the model for Titanium Horn, a robot from the Zane and the Wild Zoobots cartoon. I've made a few more additions to the model, and if I weren't stuck using my phone, I'd share a picture of him. Trust me when I say he's really goofy looking. I've also made a little bit of progress on the second draft of Old School Evil's sequel. Still a long way before I can add anything to it, but I'm glad to be making even a little headway on it.

One other thing I've done recently was applying for my first writing job. I would have been a world builder for a fitness website's motivational narrative. I created a team of heroes and villains for it that were inspired by Captain Planet, but centered on the human body instead of the world. I didn't get the job, but silver lining, I've got a new cartoon for Old School Evil! That raises the total cartoons to 14. That's a lot of shows to make logos and production bibles for. I don't have all the details for the new cartoon, not even a title, but I've got the basics.

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