Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wednesday Wrap-Up: 2/8/17

This has been a big week!  I have been languishing on two projects the last two weeks, making notes now how to proceed without any real progress.  But I've finally passed both hurdles.

First, I finished Titanium Horn.  Well, as finished as it needs to be for now.  I do have plans to create a toy from the model in the future, but right now I just need a model built up enough that I can create a wireframe from it.  In addition to Titanium Horn, I've got models made up for Hammer Slammer and Sawhorse for my Citizen Robo cartoon, and the previously shared Lead Tentacle and Force Bolter models will be used to create a new title image for the blog and I can get rid of that ugly background I'm using now.   I've got a cool design that I think will fit Old School Evil a lot better and now I've just got to convert each model to a wireframe and I'll be golden.

Second, I finished the first chapter to the second draft of Old School Evil 2.  I wrote the original draft way back in 2015 and have been stalling on editing this whole time.  I did a little bit of rewriting back in January and I've just now reworked the intro of all the characters.  So far it feels a little too heavy on the exposition, but this is the first real time I've worked on a sequel, so I'm not exactly sure how much I need to put in right away to catch up on the previous book's events.

All in all a good week, but I missed a deadline for querying agents this month.  I can still do it, but I have been striving to send out letters at the first of the month and I just let time get away from me. The longer I'm working on the book, the blog, and everything else though, the more I'm leaning towards self-publishing.  Still plenty of time to make that decision though, and I promised myself I'd keep querying until I decide.  So I've got to get more queries out this week.

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