Friday, March 24, 2017

Flashback Friday: Trapper

Today we're taking a look at Trapper, former colleague of Zane and leader of his own band of robotic animals.  Instead of building friendships with his animals as Zane did, Trapper had developed a mind control chip that turned animals into slaves.  The creation of the chip, and Trapper's original plan to use the animals to steal funding for their other projects, is what forced the split between the two zoologists. 

When the animals were put into their robotic bodies, they had no choice but to go with Trapper (though Lead Tentacle has no problem working with Trapper as long as he's feeling useful).  The chip, while giving Trapper complete control over the robotic animals, doesn't do much to curb their poor attitudes, much to Trapper's chagrin.  They may not be able to stop following Trapper's orders, but they have no problem giving him shit.  Iron Horn (I've been calling him the wrong name this whole time!) is the worst of the bunch, sometimes taking electroshocks before finally obeying.  Though there is some animosity between Zane's Zoobots and Trapper's animals (which are never called Zoobots in the cartoon), it's mainly between the two leaders.  The Zoobots have a bit of pity for the others being controlled as they are, but that only makes the other animals madder.

Without further ado, here's the rest of Zane and the Wild Zoobots:
Mark Trapper – Zane’s former partner, he’s interested in everything animals can do, and likes hunting, but he doesn’t personally like animals.  He’s never been kind to them, and Zane always had to remind him to be careful with them during tests.  He used a device to mind-control some of the animals at the zoo they were working and made them commit crimes. After seeing the Zoobots in action, he made his own. 
  • Iron Horn – A tan rhinoceros.  He’s grumpy.  That’s about all there is to him.  He takes a lot of convincing from Trapper to do anything and general takes his abuse as he knows Trapper can’t physically hurt him.  His head and front legs mount on his arm as a battering ram while the back legs become a booster.  When not on his arm, the front half can become armor for Trapper while keeping the backpack.
  • Platinum Pincher – A red crab.  He’s always wanting to fight, even provoking his fellow robots when no one else is around.  He’s not a very good fighter though, so he usually loses (most often Titanium Horn sits on him to win).  He converts into clawed gauntlets or a back-mounted hoverpack.
  • Mercury Coil – A silver snake.  She’s sly, sneaky, and always spying for Trapper.  She acts as his eyes and ears and is the only one that isn’t treated badly by Trapper.  She connects to his arm and can become a whip or a sword.
  • Lead Tentacle - A purple squid.  The only good-natured robotic animal Trapper has, always happy to help, regardless of it being a bad deed or not.  Generally, he’s just happy to have someone around and will do whatever to please Trapper, hopefully making him stay underwater longer.  His head can become a helmet for Trapper while his tentacles can propel him with air jets.  Does not have a secondary connection.
Zane works at the zoo with his favorite animals.  His partner Trapper sees what they are capable of and trains one to work for him in their lab.  Zane doesn't like that they're being forced to do their bidding and fires Trapper.  Trapper returns with a serum that can control the animals, administering it to his animals.  Zane finds out and stops him before he can use it on all of the animals and fights Trapper, which releases the serum into the air and starts to hurt all the animals.
The animals are all dying and Zane doesn't have a lot of time to save them.  He makes an antidote to stop the serum from killing the animals, but they're locked in a comatose state.  So that their minds won't be locked inside frozen bodies, he transfers them into new robotic bodies.  Trapper convinces him to do the same to his own animals, but then still has control over them due to the serum.  He escapes with them and uses them to steal more chemicals to make his serum again.  Zane and his Zoobots show up to stop them.
The two groups are fighting when Trapper's animals get the upper hand.  Trapper knocks Zane down and is about to deal the killing blow when Titanium Talon transforms into a shield and blocks it.  Zane takes advantage of Trapper's surprise and turns the tide, causing Trapper and his animals to retreat.  Zane builds a suit so he can connect with his Zoobots when they turn into weapons.  Mercury Coil watches the process and shows Trapper how he can replicate them.
Trapper figures out the only way to defeat Zane it to take control of his Zoobots.  He forces his animals to sneak into Zane's farm and captures the Zoobots.  He programs the Zoobots to follow his orders anduses them to attack Zane, but Zane is able to convince the Zoobots to fight the programming and turn them back against Trapper.
Trapper steals a dinosaur egg from a museum and hatches a Triceratops.  He uses the mind control serum on the animal and forces him to fight Zane, but they still lose because the Triceratops is too slow and stupid.  He converts the Triceratops into a robot, but he's extremely sad and lonely.  Trapper uses him to defeat Zane, but Zane convinces him to turn against Trapper.
Trapper figures out how to override the Zoobots again so they can't turn back to Zane.  Zane's unable to get them to listen to reason and can't defeat them on his own.  He convinces the Triceratops to help him and he defeats Trapper and frees the Zoobots.
Trapper sends Mercury Coil into Zane's farm to bite and poison him.  With Zane sick, the Zoobots have to sneak into Trapper's base and get the antidote to save him.  Osmium Antler escapes with the antidote and revives Zane just in time to save the other Zoobots from Trapper.
Trapper has a hacker friend of his create a computer virus to incapacitate the Zoobots, but it infects  both the Zoobots and Trapper's robots.  Instead of shutting them down, they go berserk and Zane and Trapper can't stop them.  They're forced to work together to save them.
Trapper tries to build a robot dragon but without an animal mind to control it, the robot goes berserk.  It takes out Trapper and fights his robots to a stalemate.  Zane shows up with the Zoobots but the dragon is able to knock Zane out as well.  The combined forces of the Zoobots and Trapper's animals is able to defeat the dragon together.
Trapper's animals are finally able to remove his control over them and they escape,  After trying to live at the zoo again and being forced out by the animals there, they go to Zane's farm.  Trapper follows and instead of bringing his animals back under his control, he uses his remote to take over the Zoobots.  Zane has to use Trapper's animals to beat him, but Trapper escapes with the Zoobots.
Zane needs to get his Zoobots back from Trapper, but his animals refuse to help.  Undeterred, Zane goes after Trapper, and his animals follow them to watch the battle.  Trapper's animals are surprised to see Zane's devotion to the Zoobots.  Zane confronts Trapper and is easily defeated, but before Trapper can beat him, Trapper's animals jump in to save him.
In a fight with Zane and Trapper's animals vs Trapper and the Zoobots, Zane is getting the upper hand.  Trapper has trouble making the Zoobots follow his commands.  Zane finally breaks them from Trapper's control, and Trapper sets off his last resort - explosives in his robotic animals.  To protect Zane, they all go back to Trapper so he'll turn off the explosives.

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