Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wednesday Wrap-Up: 3/1/17

Last week I set the goals of creating wireframes for a number of models that I'll be using in the new title image.  And after some last minute pushes on Monday, I completed them!  Here's what I came up with:
This is the Force Bolter, Big Gun's signature weapon from Ultra City Ultra Twins.  The previous picture I posted were from before I added the cables on.  I might change the angle of the picture on the title image to focus on the rear of the gun so more details are shown instead of the mostly hollow barrel.  One of these days I'm going to print out a full-size version of this gun - well maybe kiddie-sized.

You've seen this guy before too - it's Lead Tentacle from Zane and the Wild Zoobots. This hasn't changed at all since the original posting.  The robot in question, similar to Titanium Horn and all the Zoobots, can separate into a couple components to create weapons or other objects for their partner.  Lead Tentacle, however, unlike his fellow Zoobots only has one configuration (the same goes for his heroic counterpart, Ferro Fin).  In LT's case, the dome that makes up his head (which will be clear) becomes a helmet for Trapper, the show's villain, while two sets of tentacles become weapons and the others connect under his arms, giving him an armed scuba set.  Two of his tentacles have propellers, while the other two free arms have your basic laser blasters.  I'm wondering if I should redo the image but with the legs posed as if he's swimming, not just on an assembly line. I keep going back and forth on who my first figure I print out will be - whether it's Barksmore from the Hurricanines or Zane, as I really like the Centurion-like play-style that the Zoobots offers.
The next two models are from Citizen Robo, a cartoon that features villains piloting giant robots. But these aren't your normal giant robots - the mecha are closer to tanks with unorthodox weapons.  This here is Saw Horse.  The vehicle resembles a massive table saw with possible legs that let him destroy almost anything.  Don't let the image fool you - the small handle on top of the motor is the vehicle's cockpit, so that's a massive saw blade!

This is another villain from the show called Hammerslammer. It's basically a tank but instead of a cannon on the turret, it's a huge hammer.  There's not much else to saw about it.  The treads on the front are similar to the Thundertank from Thundercats in that there are hands at the end, but these are for holding down any material he's trying to smash.  Unlike Sawhorse that only cares about breaking stuff, Hammerslammer's obsessed with building - walls, fortresses, bridges.  It doesn't matter, and neither does it matter where the materials come from.

I sincerely love doing all this modeling, and it's great practice for when I eventually start making toys.  I've got ideas for how each cartoon's toyline will look and behave, but some of them like the ones above that would have action features are a big beyond me.  Still, I'll make up as many prototypes as I can to share with anyone that's willing to look.

As far as the image goes, I've got some work to do on it this week.  And I think after that I'll be redoing the Wednesday Wrap-Up image as well, it's just not sitting well with me.  Next week's goals are kinda loose - I've got a big thing I'm working on  right now and next week hopefully everything will be revealed.

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