Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday Wrap-Up: 3/29/17

Still got this stupid image.  One day I'll get it fixed. 

Last week I skipped the wrap-up because of the 80s League crossover event, but before that I said I wanted to work on some art for the Bad Guy Beatdown.  I have been working on my art some, but I'm really rusty, so I'm not ready to show anything yet.  I think I've got the style figured out that I want to use (something akin to the Batman TAS style) and I've sketched out Skeletor in it and it looks good.  Not great, but I'm still working on it.  I've got five weeks to get it all done though because that's how many more villains I've got to cover. 

I didn't make any progress on Citizen Robo's logo though.  I'll get there, I swear it.  There are a ton of other logos I need to make too, but that's the priority now since he'll be showing up on Flashback Friday soon.

Next weeks goals:
1. Sketch enough that I'm ready to share it. I'll be sticking with a generic figure until I get the dimensions and posing down.
2. Citizen Robo's logo. 
3. Some kind of writing.  I honestly haven't written much lately and I've got the second draft of OSE 2 breathing down my neck because of it.  Hopefully I can either get chapter 1 rewritten or at least start on chapter 2.  Both would be awesome though.

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