Friday, April 21, 2017

Flashback Friday: Onyx Corp

It's a few weeks late, but we're finally talking about the villains from the Eco-BeetoBots - Onyx Corp.  Led by the greedy, conniving Jet Onyx, Onyx Corp only cares about the bottom line, not giving a single thought to any person that might be hurt, or even the very planet.  Seeing the riches he could gain by leveling a forest and building a giant mall to sell him products, he sends in his construction team to tear everything to the ground.

When the Eco-Beetobots possess his equipment to defend the forest, Jet is unphased and orders his team of mercenaries to take them out.  Using specialized equipment, the drivers battle the Eco-BeetoBots, with the survival of the Wise Sequoia and all the forest denizens at risk.
The Enemies -
Jet Onyx, villainous owner of the Onyx Corp, wants nothing more than to raze the forest and pave it over.  He imagines the whole expanse as a shiny black sea of asphalt.  He hates nature in any form.  After his initial attempt at paving over the forest was stopped by the Eco-Beetobots, he calls in a number of specialized vehicles to combat them.
Buzzcut – A scorpion-styled construction vehicle with two front-mounted saw blades on the front and a crane on the back.  The saw blades are built into claw-shaped armor.  The crane on the back has a claw strong enough to split a tree in half.  The front and back half of the vehicle are able to separate into two vehicles.
Driven by Brick and Block, the Basker Brothers.  They’re loud and obnoxious, always screaming at each other.  Each one pilots a different half of Buzzcut.
Flamespitter – An ant-styled front loader.  The shovel can split and create pinchers and a nozzle in the middle can shoot fire.
Driven by Erkins, a really angry, sneering man talks in an accent that’s hard to understand.  Gets angry when he’s asked to repeat himself then gives a one or two word response very clearly.
Full-Bore – A wasp-styled driller.  The back of the vehicle is one giant drillbit on a pivot from the cab, letting it go in any direction.  
Driven by Stern, a quiet and sneaky who likes to take his own path instead of working with the others.
Hefter wishes to make a wall around the forest to protect it.  After using the materials left behind by an Onyx construction team, he uses the fallen trees from their last battle.  When even that doesn't finish the wall, Hefter decides to use some of the live trees in the forest, considering them acceptable losses.  When the rest of the EBB finds out about the missing trees, Hefter tries to blame it on Onyx Corp, but is soon found out and taught the follies of his ways.
Drummer feels he is only holding the rest of the EBB behind and decides to leave the forest.  He's captured by the Onyx Corp and made to produce a special acidic mix of cement in his drum.  When the Onyx Corp takes him with them on a battle with the EBB, the EBB is loses due to being outnumbered.  Stagger gives Drummer the confidence to fight back and saves  them by spilling the cement on the Onyx Corp vehicles.
The EBB are fighting the Onyx Corp when Stagger's old insect home is crushed.  He fights off the Onyx Corp filled with rage and checks on the house when the battle is over.  Stagger finds that his son his hurt and goes to the Wise Sequoia asking for her to save him.  She turns him into Lifter the forklift but the Onyx Corp attacks just then and is able to capture all the EBB except Lifter.  He's able to surprise them and save his father and his friends.
Rhazer wants to build a tower so they can always see Onyx Corp coming.  When the tower is complete, they see Onyx approaching and brace for an attack.  However, Full-Bore has drilled under the tower and destabilizes the foundation, threatening it into falling onto the forest.  Rhazer has to accept that it must be destroyed to save the forest.
Full-bore digs a tunnel under the Wise Sequoia and Flamespitter lights its roots on fire.  As the tree weakens, the EBB tries everything to save her, but nothing works.  Hauler figures out the only way to save them is to destroy his dam and flood the tunnel, but can the rest of the EBB get out in time?
Stagger wants to build a moat around the forest but a family camping in the forest is trapped in the rising water.  The Onyx Corp attack the EBB during construction.  The team have to split up to save the campers and stop the river from flooding the forest, all while fighting off the attackers.
Stagger and Lifter leave the forest for some rest after a fight with the Onyx Corp.  Onyx comes back and captures the two and hold them hostage, forcing the others to surrender.  With all of the EBB captured, the rest of the forest saves them with insect swarms attacking the drivers or sabotaging the vehicles.
Jet Onyx decides to fire the drivers of his vehicles for their incompetence, using remotes to control the vehicles.  The remote malfunctions and decides to destroy the Onyx Corp tower, thinking it's the biggest tree in the forest.  The EBB see the threat to the city, but they argue about whether to save them or keep their secret.  In the end they decide to save the city, but without revealing their insect modes.
Drummer messes up a new construction project and encases the Wise Sequoia in a cement-like mixture.  Without their connection with her, they lose their vehicle modes and revert to ordinary beetles again.  With Onyx Corp approaching, they have to hurry to free the Wise Sequoia and regain their EBB bodies to fight them off.
Hauler wants some time alone and goes to an empty construction site.  While resting, a construction crew shows up and tries to use Hauler before he reveals himself.  He befriends the human and they figure out Onyx is going to try to create an avalanche and crush the forest.  The human says he's just a worker and doesn't want to be part of such destruction and helps Hauler sabotage the explosion.
Onyx releases a swam of robotic termites to tear down the forest.  The EBB are too big to stop them and have to revert to regular insects to stop them, leaving Lifter alone to fight Onyx Corp.  The beetles are not able to stop them, but Lifter figures out that the robots are also drawn to electronics and turns them against the Onyx Corp vehicles.
An earthquake hits the forest while the EBB and Onyx Corp are fighting and they all fall into a tunnel underground.  They have to work together to keep the rest of the forest from collapsing on top of them.

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