Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wednesday Wrap-Up: 4/5/17

I'm not exactly sure what happened to this week, but I accomplished none of the stuff I said I would. I'm making up a parts list for a new computer and bought myself a new drawing tablet to do some coloring and inking for the sketches once I get more of them done.  Since nothing got done last week, the plan stays the same for this week.  Hopefully I'll get some of them completed this time.

1. Citizen Robo's logo. I'm contemplating building it in Blender instead of Illustrator (mostly because I'm still working with Illustrator CS1, which is old as shit and missing a ton of features).  Maybe I'll try both and see how it looks.
2. More sketches.  I've got the rough figure, now I want to stylize it to make it just right. 
3. Since I've gotten in touch with the 80s League, I've got to talk to them about building my audience.  I'm also hoping to talk to a friend of mine about possibly self-publishing.  If I do decide to go that way though, I've got to pick up the pace on OSE 2 so I can have it ready shortly after publishing the first book. 

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