Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 1 Skeletor vs. Queen of the Crown

It's the inaugural Bad Guy Beatdown fight.  This week, we're looking at the powers of each of the combatants, next week we'll see the who wins. This week, we're looking at Skeletor, the evil warrior from Eternia and the Queen of the Crown, leader of the Crown Empire.  Ordinarily, I'll watch the first thirteen episodes of the series and note their abilities and powers displayed in each episode.  Unfortunately, The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers has so many different villains (one thing I loved about the show), so I had to jump around a bit to look for the Queen's appearances.  I'm not sure of this is a bad sign that in the first round I have to break the rules, but otherwise, the Queen would have completed nothing without the aid of a giant soul-sucking machine, and that's not fair.  It should also be said that the Queen has an army of stormtroopers, but Skeletor shows a robot army in a few episodes as well, so I'm leaving them both out.  After listing their abilities, I'll pick the ones that will go with them into battle.

Anyway, let's take a look at the Queen's powers.  Her abilities are primarily in the psionic range.  Using the Psychocrypt, she can steal a victim's life force and create psychocrystals, which power her Slaver Lords.  Slaver Lords are the backbone of her empire, allowing her to see and hear whatever they see or hear.  She can also take direct control over them whenever she needs to, including speaking through them by displaying a hologram of her face. 
She has strong telepathic and telekinetic abilities.  In the episode "Mindnet", the Rangers' own telepath, Niko, uses her powers to search for the stolen half of the Mindnet device.  When she finds out the Queen has it, she's hurt by the Queen's telepathy.  Another episode shows she can make telekinetic blasts from her hands, which destroys a stone column.  Unfortunately, those last two powers are only evidenced in a single episode apiece, so I'm not sure how powerful they really are.  Still, the Slaver Lords allow her to be almost anywhere and they do show to have a bit of enhanced strength, being able to block a kick from Niko, then pick her up.  I'm giving the Queen a few powers, including some telepathy, minor telekinetic blasts, and a handful of Slaver Lords accompanying her into the arena.

Skeletor, on the other hand, has a rotating list of powers, being able to do new things in about every episode.  One episode, he can create a clone of He-Man with a point of his finger, and in another he can shoot sleeping gas from his staff.  But there are a few powers he displays in almost every episode.  Of course, there's teleportation because he's got to escape back to Snake Mountain every time he loses.  There's Filmation's patented white blasts - they hit with a burst of light and no discernible damage.  One episode they do indeed blow up Skeletor's flying ship, so they've got to be pretty powerful. 
Skeletor also has the ability to see far-off events through the back of his Havoc Staff's ram skull.  He can also create bursts of light from the staff to blind enemies.  He's shown a few abilities to bring things to life and control them, from animating stone golems to controlling plants, and even turned a tree to stone, which sounds like a big game of rock, paper, scissors.  He's also adept and blocking or dispelling others' spells, even deflecting blasts with his hand. Skeletor's powers are also some of the strongest on Eternia - in Reign of the Monster, he's able to pull open Greyskull's jaw Bridge, even with the Sorceress inside the castle trying to keep it closed.  Skeletor's powers will include his blasts from both his hands and the staff, defense against other magic, and some elemental control.

So there you have it - both combatants' powers are listed.  Who do you think will win when they go head-to-head?  Check back next week for the results!

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