Friday, May 5, 2017

Flashback Friday: Hurricanines Redux

A few months ago, I posted the Hurricanines logo in the first Flashback Friday post.  I had made the design and splashed on a pretty lazy color scheme.  Yesterday I thought I'd try out some better colors and I like what I ended up with.  The logo below has some of the blues that I really wanted in it and a bit of the gray muzzle that the original had.  I also decided to open the mouth instead of having the line above, just so it has a good silhouette with all the design elements - that way I can do a single color sticker or something without losing out on the snarl.

I need to find a better font to match the image or better yet design the font myself, but I'm not too concerned with it now.  I'm just glad to have something that works better than the initial design.  What do you think of the color? 

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