Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 2 Cy-Kill vs. Tex Hex

Sorry for the delay, but Round 2 is a go!  This time we're pitting the leader of the Renegades from Gobotron, Cy-Kill, against the mystical cowboy, Tex Hex.  Cy-Kill's feats were pretty easy to track in his first thirteen appearances, but Tex Hex gave me some of the same problems as the Queen last round since he didn't show up in about five of the episodes I watched with the Dingoes being the antagonists in the others.  I was a bit surprised by that, thinking Bravestarr would go the same route as He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, which had Skeletor being the main bad guy in about 99% of the episodes.  Either way, I was still able to get plenty of demonstrations of his powers, which were a little more definable than his skull-faced compatriot.

Let's start with Cy-Kill.  Being an alien robot gives him some pretty obvious advantages.  He's made out of metal, he can turn into a motorcycle, and he has all sorts of energy weapons.  Like the rest of his robot kin, he shoots powerful blasts from his fists instead of having handheld weapons, so he's never truly disarmed.  He also is able to shoot energy beams from his eyes, something he can use in his alternate mode (which looks incredibly stupid, I might add). Size-wise, he looks to average about 11-12' tall, though that fluctuates quite a bit.  In one episode (Renegade Alliance), he survives getting his arm blown off without as much as a cry, but considering the Scooter survived a similar crash unscathed, I'm not sure if that's a positive or not.  and with all evil robots, Cy-Kill can fly.

Tex Hex's powers are mostly based around a western theme.  Rescued from the brink of death by the mystical Stampede, Tex Hex gained a slew of magical abilities.  Blasts from Tex's fingers and eyes can do a whole slew of things, but the most common ability I saw had to do with summoning snakes.  He was able to create giant flaming serpents by either shooting the smoke from a fire or a handful of dirt he'd thrown in the air - most of them being between 12 and 30 feet long, and one of them big enough for him to ride on.  Not all of them are big though, as he turned a prospector's claim into a little lizard once. 

He can also shoot people causing them to levitate in the air, one time lifting two people a few feet off the ground and another sending one of his goons across the desert.  Lastly, he once turned into a big ugly monster but was still soundly beaten by Bravestarr, so it's not certain if this change granted him any extra strength or abilities.  Having previously been an outlaw, Tex Hex also relies heavily on his blaster and though it has shown to do some weird stuff a time or two, it generally acts as just a gun, but powerful enough to blow a whole in a ship.  Since every villain needs a quick means of escape, Tex Hex has the ability to turn himself into smoke or sand and fly away.  Even though he's shown the ability to teleport in a flash similar to Skeletor, this smoke/sand power is a lot more commonly used.

Both of these villains are pretty powerful and have a decent range of abilities, but which one will come out on top?  Find out next week!

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