Monday, June 26, 2017

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 2 Results

Cy-Kill drove at top speed, surveying the vast desert of the planet he’d crashed on.  Having left his ship behind, and the two dead renegades inside, he sought out a way to escape.  Before crashing, he’d seen a massive starship pulling into port, but was unable to find it along the dusty horizon.  While his first concern was escaping the planet and returning to Gobotron, he couldn’t help but fixate on what had brought his ship falling to the surface in the first place. 
Even from orbit as they passed over, they could see the black plume of smoke stretching from the ground.  “What’s that?” Crasher had squealed upon seeing it.  “Must be a big battle,” Cop-Tur replied. 
Whatever had caused that must be a powerful weapon, Cy-Kill thought.  “Fly down closer.  Perhaps it is something we could find useful.”
Crasher piloted the ship in a slow decent until the sensors could detect the source.  A fortress, the front adorned with a massive bovine skull on a towering metal X.  No damage could be seen around it, and in fact the smoke came from within the structure. 
“I don’t see anything,” Cop-Tur said.  And then he did.
They all did.  The smoke wafting up into the sky from the fortress reached over towards the ship and tendrils of black soot spread out, forming a hand.  It grasped the ship and before flinging it across the desert, the face of a massive bull appeared and sneered at its passengers.
“You don’t belong here,” it said, and Cy-Kill was tumbling through the sky.
“I may not belong here,” Cy-Kill told himself, racing across the desert, “but whatever you are, you’ll belong to me.”
Above the motorcycle, among the craggy cliffs, the mystical outlaw watched it traverse the sandy terrain.  Tex Hex hadn’t seen the vehicle before, but being able to drive without a driver cemented in his head that this was a new partner for Marshall Bravestarr.  Maybe an upgrade of his shaggy Equestroid, Thirty/Thirty, replacing legs with rubber tires.  Would it stand upright as well?  Whatever it was, it spelled trouble for the Carrion Bunch.  And Stampede himself had told Tex to snuff it out, so it had to be bad.  Tex mounted his Skull Walker and flew off the cliff after the bike.
As it sped under a massive natural archway, Tex Hex drew his trusty blaster and shot an energy bolt just to the side of it.  A burst of sand erupted next to the bike, almost sending it rolling over.
The circled around, a rooster tail of sand spraying up behind it.  As it faced him, Tex laughed at the literal face on the front of the vehicle.  The robotic, yet stubbly face of Bravestarr’s new deputy sneered at Tex. 
“I don’t know who you are, but Cy-Kill does not take two attempts on his life kindly.”  Twin red beams shot out of his eyes and met at the front of Tex’s Skull Walker.  He hopped off his mount just before it exploded into a ball of bright white sparks.
“Cy-Kill, huh?” Tex said with a smile on his gnarled lips.  “With a name like that, you should work for me, not that goody-goody Marshall.”
“I work for no one,” Cy-Kill responded with another blast from his eyes just barely missing Tex’s feet.  He regarded the purple human for less than a second before spinning around again and riding off.  Humans were of little concern to him, no matter the color of their skin.
“Nuh-uh-uh,” Tex said, slinging a finger towards the bike.  “I can’t have you going to Fort Kerium.”  A blast of white energy shot out his finger tips and arced towards Cy-Kill.
Cy-Kill’s tires threw a plume of dirt into the air, but he was no longer moving forward, trapped in an energy cage. He lost all traction as he was flung into the air with a wave of Tex Hex’s arm. 
“Ha!” Cy-Kill bellowed as he flew upwards, “The sky is my second home!  Go-Bots can fly, you simpleton!”  At the peak of his ascent, Cy-Kill’s body contorted in a deep whirring sound.  Arms pivoted, legs stretched out, and the tires flew to his shoulders.  Floating above Tex, Cy-Kill flexed his gleaming robotic body.
“So you do change shape,” Tex Hex said, more sure than ever that he was Thirty/Thirty’s replacement.  “Whatever happened to that loudmouth that Bravestarr would need a second ride?  Doesn’t matter, I’ll do the same to you!” Tex sent a barrage of energy beams at the robot with his blaster.
Cy-Kill danced around the shots.  “Your measly weapons can’t hurt me,” he said, returning fire with his own blasts straight from his cylindrical fists. 
Tex Hex rolled away from the blasts as pockets of dirt exploded around him.  “I think I need to bring you back down to earth.”  He held out his hands and fire spit out ant the still lingering clouds of dust.  They glowed and changed shape, forming into a pair of massive flaming serpents.  The launched up towards the robot.
Shooting a stream of energy from his fists, Cy-Kill managed to pulverize one of the fire snakes back into a pile of dirt, but the other reached his legs and coiled around him.  Though the Go-Bot struggled against the snake, it constricted tight enough pin Cy-Kill’s arms against his torso, unable to shoot from his hands without risking hurting himself.  Unable to hold himself and the monstrous serpent aloft, they crashed to the ground.  He shot the beams from his eyes, but they only sliced through the skin of the snake without loosening its grip.  “If I can’t stop the snake, I’ll stop the snake-charmer,” He said and fixed his gaze at the mystical outlaw.  Red pinpoint beams shot out, streaking towards Tex.
Tex stared down the attack and changed his form into a dust devil, the energy shooting straight through him.  The miniature tornado circled around Cy-Kill, avoiding subsequent blasts that failed to track him.  While struggling against the snake to shoot behind him, Tex’s sandy form wafted onto the back of the snake before rematerializing.  With the snake coiled around almost every inch of the Go-Bot’s body, Tex Hex took aim with his blaster at the only exposed part – the top of Cy-Kill’s head.  He fired a single shot and the metallic skull exploded, exposing the robot’s organic brain.  With a snap of his fingers, the snake disappeared and Cy-Kill’s body fell limp to the ground.  Laughing a high-pitched cackle, Tex Hex stomped Cy-Kill’s brain into the dry desert floor.
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Just like in the last round, Tex Hex has a much bigger arsenal of powers than his opponent.  Granted, Cy-Kill's powers are impressive, but he's not really capable at close range, where Tex was able to trap him.  His conversion only allows him a second means of escape besides flying, giving him no extra defensive or offensive powers.  And while he does have some strong energy blasts, they don't do much against a guy who can change into a cloud of smoke or dust.  And let's not forget how easily Cy-Kill was injured when he lost his arm.  Go-Bots show their characters being damaged really easily - Turbo was almost killed in the first few episodes, as well, so it's not too hard to believe they'd die from a well-placed blast to the noggin, especially with an organic brain inside.

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