Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wednesday Wrap-Up - 6/28/17

Not a particularly busy week, but still productive.  I've been making progress on OSE 2, writing a little every other day or so.  I'm rewriting a rewrite of the first chapter and it starts off a little slower and introduces the characters individually instead of all of them at once, and I'm slowly reminding the reader of the end of the previous book.  It's reading a lot better now, I think.

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 2 is up and it's the highest viewed post of mine in the last few weeks.  I hope I'm starting to get a lot of returning people interested in each round.  So far there haven't been any disagreements over who would win, but I'm hoping as more go up, I'll get some good discussion going as well.

Next round's going to be a difficult one - it features two of my favorite bad guys going at it.  That's right, it's Megatron vs. Miles Mayhem.  I hate having to pit them against each other so early because it means one of them will definitely be knocked out and will miss the rest of the tournament.  I would have definitely liked seeing them both making their way to the finals and duking it out over the crown, but at the very least, they're sure to fight each other now, there's no telling if either of them can make it to the final round at all.

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