Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wednesday Wrap-Up - 6/7/17

It's been a busy week!    Monday, I posted the results of the first round of Bad Guy Beatdown, where Skeletor wiped the floor with the Queen of the Crown.  It was a great fight and I had a blast writing the little battle for it.  In fact, that's the only writing I've done in the last few months and it felt like a relief still being able to spit out a story. 

Next battle is going to be Cy-Kill from Go-Bots and Tex Hex from Bravestarr with the respect post coming this Monday.  I was really hoping to have the Renegade square off with Megatron, but that's such an oft-written battle with Megatron coming out on top every time, so I'm okay at least delaying the fight, assuming Cy-Kill survives his first round.

Yesterday, I collaborated with the 80s League in another monthly crossover event, this time looking at 80s commercials, specifically looking at the ones for the toys that the cartoons they were showed during were based on. Man, that's a confusing sentence to write.  There are a few Leaguers still writing their posts so I'll be updating it throughout the week with links to their stuff.

Another new thing going on lately is I've just joined a second writing group, this one focusing on reading completed novels from other writers and giving whole critiques on them.  This group will be looking at the big picture of a book and instead of giving feedback on minor details and bad grammar like my other group does, will be looking at things such as plot holes, continuity, and theme.  I'm really excited about it because that means I'll be one step closer to publishing Old School Evil.  After that, I've just got to make up a cover, write out a few blurbs, and hopefully, I'll be able to publish that sucker so you all can read it.

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