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Bad Guy Beatdown Round 4 Results

“Starscream, have you been able to locate the meteor yet?”
The whiny voice of Megatron’s second-in-command shot out of his communicator.  “Megatron!  I had triangulated its whereabouts and was on the way there--”
“And?” Megatron shouted.
“It’s not my fault!  The Autobots intercepted me before I could get there!  Your goons Skywarp and Thundercracker turned tail as I continued to fight them, but it was no use.  I was forced to retreat for repairs!”
“Your cowardice knows no bounds, does it, Starscream?” Megatron said, launching into the air.  “I must have that meteor, the metals contained within are impervious to Autobot weapons.  You find a source of materials to repair yourself and the three of you meet me at its location in one megacycle!”
“One megacycle?” Starscream screeched.  “That’s not nearly enough time to repair the damage I sustained as I valiantly fought--”
“One megacycle!” Megatron shouted.  “If you do not meet me there, I’ll deactivate you myself!”
“Yes, Lord Megatron.”  The indicator on Megatron’s chest went out as the communicator shut off.  The massive robot flew across the countryside, surveying the radiation readings emanating from the space rock.  He could see no sign of the Autobots near it.  “Good, the meteor is mine for the taking.” He said to himself as he descended into the valley the meteor had crashed in.  As he touched down on the ground to claim his prize, a blue and orange helicopter crested the other wall of the valley.
A voice came out from the hovering vehicle.  “I don’t know who you are, but that meteor and all its power belongs to me.”
“A human, challenging me for what is rightfully mine?”  He spat out a laugh.  “Come take it from me!”
“Gladly.”  With a series of shifts and contortions, the helicopter transformed into a sleek jet bristling with laser cannons.
“An Autobot!” Megatron shouted.  He had never seen an Autobot with an aerial mode, much less a Transformer with two alternate forms, but there was no mistaking one of his accursed enemies had followed him here.  Megatron launched into the air to fight on equal footing.
Miles Mayhem had never seen a robot move so gracefully as it flew into the air.  Perhaps after he had destroyed its pilot, he could salvage its remains for his own evil deeds.  Even with its great maneuverability, he flew Switchblade in circles around the mechanoid and easily outpaced it in a pursuit. 
He performed an Immelmann turn, flying up and rolling over to face his adversary head-on.  He triggered his joystick and shot a barrage of laser fire from his front laser cannons. 
The robot rolled out of the way and took a vertical position.  “Your firepower is nothing compared to Megatron!” He placed his left hand over the massive cylindrical cannon on his right forearm and took aim at Switchblade.
Mayhem barely had time to avoid the massive blast of energy.  He rolled Switchblade twice in the air in a jerking motion, barely leveling out before hitting the canopy of the valley floor.  Another blast followed it, but Miles was prepared and activated his afterburners.  He flew towards the robot and launched a pair of missiles just before passing it.
The two projectiles struck dead center, creating a massive explosion that swallowed the robot.  Miles shook his fist in celebration, but dropped it as the robot appeared from the cloud of smoke and debris.
“Enough of this!” the robot yelled before backflipping in the air.  During the maneuver, his body twisted and shrank in on itself until it resembled a massive floating pistol.  Even without anyone holding the weapon, it aimed at Switchblade and produced a stream of devastating energy.
The blast struck Switchblade’s left wing, causing Miles to lose control.  As the jet dropped towards the valley floor, he pulled the handle at his side, reverting Switchblade to its weaponless helicopter mode. 
The robot expanded and changed back to his robot mode.  Dropping down to the ground, he laughed out loud.  “Have you lost the fight already?  Come take me on in robot mode, so I can crush you between my own servos!”
Miles wasn’t sure what the robot spoke off, but decided he had the right idea.  With Switchblade’s weapon systems offline, the only option was to ram the robot and hope the collision would take it off-line.  Switchblade would similarly be taken out of commission, but Miles knew he’d have no problem facing whoever piloted it while Viper still worked. 
Switchblade’s increased maneuverability in helicopter mode made evading the robot’s cannon fire was a breeze for Mayhem.  He weaved around each blast, steadily closing in on his target.  The robot must not have expected such an unorthodox attack and recoiled, covering his chest with the massive black cannon on his arm.  Just before they connected, Miles ejected from Switchblade.
The explosion sent shrapnel showering over the valley and puncturing Mayhem’s parachute as he descended.  He crashed through the forest canopy, but his fall was broken by the undergrowth.  He climbed out of the tree line to survey the damage to his opponent.
The robot survived the kamikaze attack, though his right arm, and the cannon mounted on it, had had taken the brunt of the damage.  The weapon had been blown clear off and the robot’s hand and forearm were reduced to a twisted metal skeleton.
“A human?” the robot screamed.  “You’ll pay for that, you miserable flesh-bag!”  The robot raised his mangled arm as if to bring it down directly on top of Mayhem.
“Viper on!” A stream of highly corrosive acid shot out from Miles’s mask, glowing hot.  It connected with the robot’s wrist and instantly began eating through the surviving metal.
The robot recoiled as the acid sprayed down his arm and towards his chest.  Miles turned on the scanners within his mask and searched for any other weak points in the robot’s construction.  Though he could not find any obvious cockpit, he spotted a chamber in the chest that had to hold something vital. He tilted his head down, bringing the stream of acid across the robot’s torso and eliciting a cry of pain from the mechanism. Miles smiled as he assumed Viper had melted into the pilot’s cockpit within the robot’s chest.  “I had hoped to salvage your robot when I defeated it, but if I have to melt the entire thing to slag to secure the meteor, so be it.”
A giant metal hand swung in from the side and grasped Mayhem before yanking him up into the air.  The sudden movement startled Mayhem into deactivating his mask and the acid stream petered out.  The robot lifted him up with its left hand, threatening to crush him within its grasp.  Miles tried aiming down to melt through the massive fingers that bound him, but the structure of his mask kept him from firing so close to his body.  As he came up through the air, Miles found himself face-to-face with this so-called Megatron.
“Nobody does that to me and continues to function, robot or otherwise!”
As Miles drew breath in to activate Viper once again and melt the robot’s face off, the hand jerked closed and his body exploded into a fine red mist.
Click here for respect thread. 

This battle turned out a lot closer than I thought it would be.  While Megatron obviously had a huge advantage with his size and firepower, Switchblade's maneuverability in both jet and helicopter mode kept Miles safe for a while.  Miles's only real advantage is his Viper mask, which has demonstrated the ability to melt through even alien metals, so Megatron's Cybertronian body was not impervious to it like most Earth weapons.  Still, his size and strength were too much for Miles to handle and brought Megatron to a delightfully messy win.

The Winner

Friday, July 28, 2017

Top 5 80s Cartoons Reboots

For fans of 80s cartoons like me, the current wave of nostalgia shows no signs of stopping.  That can be a great thing, because there's this resurgence of the shows we used to watch, targeting newer generations while playing towards the older fans.  It can be a bad thing as well as some new takes on old properties are disappointing or downright terrible.  It's a shame because some resurrection attempts forget to include the aspects that made the originals so well-liked, but when they get it just right, we get something really special.

For this list, I'm going to look at my favorite reboots of the cartoons I loved as a kid.  Ones able to capture the spirit of the original and maybe in some cases lift it up above the source material.

5. GI Joe: Renegades
GI Joe has had a rough history.  Ever since the original Real American Hero series, they've had a difficult time staying relevant.  From GI Joe Extreme, the beefed-up 90s version, to their terrible movies, to the ultra-violent GI Joe Resolute.  After the last one came GI Joe Renegades, following a small cast on the run from a massive terrorist organization that has already taken over America.  In this series, Cobra has its fingers in everything including the government, turning GI Joe into the bad guy the American people blame for a terrorist attack, and sending another military organization to capture them.  With the smaller cast, they can focus on the characters better, learning why Duke is such a compassionate leader and Snake Eyes's injury that left him mute.  It's a great show that takes on aspects of the A-Team, and shows what the Joes can do when faced with insurmountable odds.

4. Extreme Ghostbusters
Man, I'm going to get a lot of shit for this one.  I've never understood why this show isn't more loved.  In the 90s Columbia made a handful of cartoons based off movies like Godzilla and Men in Black.  Most were decent and did a good job expanding the lore of the shows while getting rid of the more comedic elements.  One of the shows they created was Extreme Ghostbusters, but instead of just making a new adaptation of the movies, it followed up on the Real Ghostbusters with Egon and Janine mentoring a younger team of Ghostbusters. I thought the newer members were a good fit for the show, but the best parts are when it made connections with the previous series, including Kylie's own history with the Grundel, a ghost captured during the original show, and the appearance of the rest of the first team in the series finale, putting both groups together.  The interaction between the two is so fun.

3. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002)
The original He-Man series was a slapdash of toy ideas without many ideas behind them.  Besides Teela's birth and Orko and Marleena's homeworlds, no one had a backstory (Skeletor's connection to Hordak didn't come until She-Ra's series).  The rebooted series attempts to fix that, explaining where He-Man's powers have come from and how Skeletor came to be skull-faced to name a few.  It does a good job of it and also goes on to explore Eternia more, introducing new races that different Masters belonged to.  The voice cast was excellent and the way they poked fun at the original's opening was hilarious.

Update: With the release of Netflix's She-Ra and the Princesses of Power there's no way it's not making this list. I wasn't as big a fan of Etheria's champion as I was of her brother, but I did enjoy it with a bit. Even so, I like this reboot way more than the original. Where the new He-Man show stayed as close as possible to the source material while making it more mature, SPoP goes the complete opposite direction, changing a lot of the setting, the characters, and the lore, making a much more mysterious and connective story. Almost every aspect of this show is improved from the first one and thank goodness because the original She-ra was pretty dull compared to its companion cartoon.

2. Voltron: Legendary Defender
If only Netflix would pick more 80s cartoons and update them like this one.  I was never that big a fan of the original series, but I absolutely love this reboot, which uses computer animation to bring Voltron to life and the excellent animation studio that worked on the Legend of Korra to make everything else.  It's a fantastic update explaining the origin of the team and their robots, an overarching storyline instead of monster-of-the-week formula, and a few surprises thrown in to keep the show fresh.   The best thing about it is it's the only show still in production, with a new season coming next week!

1. Transformers: Animated
I could have easily made this about the top Transformers reboots because there have been over a dozen iterations of the battle between the Autobots and Decepticons.  It started with the CGI Beast Wars in the 90s and a new series has been coming out every year or two since then.  There have been high points and low points - the Unicron Trilogy being the worst of the worst, but for me, the best one so far has been Transformers Animated.  What we have here is the biggest change-up of a tired formula.  Optimus Prime is no longer the commander of the Autobots, but a disgraced leader of a small salvage and repair crew.  The Great War is over and everyone believes the Decepticons to be destroyed.  Optimus and Co. find themselves on Earth where Megatron's head has been brought back online by a human scientist.  It's an incredibly fresh set-up, voiced by a great cast and a surprisingly dark backstory.  I won't deny that the new art-style (which I love) is controversial, and the increased importance on the human cast, including human villains the Autobots need to fight, can be a bit distracting, but overall, this is the best series we've had since the original because of how different it tries to be from its predecessors.  Sometimes changes don't work out, but in this case, it succeeds brilliantly.

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Wednesday Wrap-up - 7/26/17

Wow, this has been a big week - I'm writing again!  Not just a little here and there, but a significant amount the last few days.  I've started the second chapter, one that's messed me up a lot lately because I didn't see how it could work.  But now I've got a great idea down and I'm rushing through it.  And it feels great! 

Early next month, I'm getting a lot of feedback on OSE 1 (one of my critiquers has said the book has made her laugh a lot), so I should be able to get it fully edited in the next few months.  I have long time thought that I wanted to wait to publish the first book until after I had the second book pretty close to publication.  There's a strategy of publishing books very close to each other so that you can build up momentum with buyers.  But I think Old School Evil 2's editing process is going to take a while and I don't want to wait until I reach some point in it to put Old School Evil 1 out.  There's still quite a bit of work before I can put it out - I have a cover I want to do, I have a bunch of supplemental stuff I need to finish up. 

I've been thinking of a plan for publishing as well, like how to put the book out there and get some kind of word-of-mouth.  I'm not sure how much this would help, but I'm not doing it just to publicize my book either.  I want to share it with people who love the stuff I love, so I plan on sending it to bloggers and YouTubers that talk about that stuff a lot.  James Rolfe and Mike Matei of Cinemassacre, some Transformers reviewers, and most importantly the 80s League (soon to be renamed the Retro League).  The last ones I can ask to help spread my work, but the rest of them, I'm just hoping to share it with them and they'll take the time to read it and enjoy it.  Anyway, it's a long time off...

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 4 is finally up (I teased it in the last two Wrap-ups and I apologize for getting them out of order and making you wait) and it's getting way more attention than any previous round.  It's got almost twice as many views and I'm actually getting comments on Facebook about who should win - and of course, everyone is thinking one guy will win.  I'm hoping to make it at least a little surprising and a lot closer than everyone's expecting.

One last little thing I picked up lately is an old Donatello figure for cheap.  As much as I love having the toy, his destiny is grim indeed.  I'm planning to split him down the middle and see how he works.  That way I can figure out how to model my own figures later down the line when I finally prototype a few of them. 

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Bad Guy Beatdown Round 4 - Megatron vs. Miles Mayhem

Alright, this is my most anticipated fight - two of my all-time favorite villains going head-to-head.  Both of them have a pretty wide away of abilities and weaponry and both are from cartoons that have hardly any consistency between episodes on how those weapons and powers work.  Seriously, one time they can blow up a mountain and the very next episode, their laser fire barely causes any damage to anything.  Since I watched these two cartoons more than any other back in the day, I'm fairly well-versed in their powers, so I only watched a handful of episodes of each to reacquaint myself with them.

First, we're looking at Megatron.  It's interesting how often he transforms into a pistol for another Decepticon to wield in the early episodes because I don't think he does it much after the first season.  Since it's a one-on-one battle, I don't think it'll play into it much, but it's just something I noticed.  Megatron's main abilities are flight and transformation and his primary weapon is the honkin' Fusion Cannon on his arm.  I don't think it was ever referred to by that name in the show, but it's pretty common knowledge, so I don't mind putting it in here.  The strength of his cannon varies wildly throughout the series.  In the episode Fire on the Mountain, he blasts a hole in a mountain that causes an avalanche, but later in the same episode, he shoots Brawn in the chest but causes no damage to him. 

The other weapon he had is the energy mace.  This only showed up in one episode, but since it's become such a huge part of Megatron to be featured on at least three figures (one reissue of the original figure included it and both of his Masterpiece figures does as well, not to mention it was homage as an action feature in the first Bay movie's figure), it's as much a part f him as the cannon is by now.  I've always liked it a lot more than Prime's axe.  Other powers that he's had that only showed up in one episode is a cable that came out of his chest to brainwash Bumblebee, but I don't think I need to include that since it was a power taken over by Bombshell later on in the series.  He also launches a saw blade from his forearm in the same episode and has a little laser there as well.  Still not worth including though...

Let's check out his opponent, Miles Mayhem.  First off, he's an expert helicopter pilot.  He's able to fly Switchbalde into small tunnels and caverns at least twice without any accident.  That's pretty damned impressive, especially since he has trouble outmaneuvering a flying car while he's piloting in jet mode.  Still, Switchblade's maneuverability and speed is top-notch among MASK and VENOM vehicles as he's able to avoid most weapons fire.  In terms of taking damage though, Switchblade isn't any more resistant than other vehicles, although sometimes taking a hit in jet mode still leave helicopter mode operational.

In helicopter mode, Switchblade doesn't display any weapon systems, but in jet mode, it has four laser cannons and an array of missiles, which vary in strength as much as Megatron's cannon does.  They can blow a boulder up in one episode but doesn't even damage a road in the next.  Their peak damage looks to be on par with Megatron's avalanche mentioned above.  They're incredibly easy to trick though, as they once followed a hologram of a MASK vehicle, indication that they're laser-guided and not heat-seeking. 

Miles's other weapon, of course, is Viper; his mask can shoot a concentrated stream of acid capable of melting through nearly anything.  And you can't tell me it wouldn't work Cybertronians when he's able to melt a hole in alien metal in the episode The Star Chariot. Viper also has some scanning technology in it that allowed him to search a person and his vehicle for a gemstone, so it could probably be set to just about any material.  It only showed up in one episode I know of, but it's such an innocuous power and is fitting with the rest of the masks' abilities, I don't mind keeping it in.

Both contenders have a fairly robust arsenal at their commands, so who comes out on top?  Check back next week for the results!

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007 Blogathon - James Bond Jr.

International super-spy.  Crazy gadgets.  Intrigue and suspense.  Gratuitous sex and romance.  All the ingredients of a massively successful film franchise. For adults.  But how do you make it kid-friendly?  You turn James Bond into a high schooler, cut down on the violence, and turn the gadgetry up to eleven. 

Such is the formula for James Bond Jr., a 90s cartoon centered on younger versions of a number of 007 characters.  The show's main character, the titular hero and James Bond's nephew, fights the evil S.C.U.M. (Saboteurs and Criminals United in Mayhem) while going to the prestigious Warfield Academy with the grandchildren of many of Bond's colleagues.  Even though he's considered the new generation of super-spy, he's often pitted against his uncle's villains, including Jaws, Oddjob, Nick Nack, and Goldfinger, all working under the command of Scumlord, a criminal mastermind hidden in shadow throughout the whole show.

The show takes a number of steps to update the movies and bring in a younger audience, to varying degrees of success.  The gadgets, mostly invented by IQ, Q's grandson, are levels above Bond's, including a car that can turn into a plane and a watch with a built-in tracking device, hidden saw blade, and retractable grappling hook, among other things.  The car it turns out, is a gift directly from 007 himself, though it looked a lot different from the flying car in The Man with the Golden Gun, that's for sure.
The recurring villains from the movies have also been updated, though I wouldn't call it an improvement.  Jaws's lower face has been completely replaced with a mechanical mandible, and Oddjob's suit has been traded in for wraparound shades and a garish red and purple tracksuit, fitted with a giant gold necklace (the hat remains, at least).  For others that make appearances, they have their own kids, like Goldie Finger, Goldfinger's daughter.
Missing from the movies, of course, is all the deaths.  The romantic interests have also been toned down significantly, and while the two female leads have crushes on Jr, he doesn't reciprocate at all.  Numerous other females with punny names show up throughout the series as well, filling the role of "Bond Girls," but again, he doesn't show any interest.  It seems attending classes and thwarting SCUM is the only interest he has.
The villainous schemes are your typical cartoon fair - which fit perfectly in with 007's story.  Searching for El Dorado with seismic vibrations and melting giant gold statues with a laser, that kind of thing.  And it's no surprise that the similarities are this big, considering the show was made in collaboration with United Artists and Danjaq, the license holders of the movies.  The only big difference is how big a role the supporting cast has, usually taking part in the whole episode or, at the very least, coming to Jr's rescue.

Overall, it's a passable effort, introducing a new generation into one of the longest-running and most famous film series.  The animation's decent, the designs are ugly but fitting with the times (this is when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was going strong, after all), and the cast does a good job, though Corey Burton's English accent is pretty horrendous. My only real problem with it is the kid's name.  If James Bond is his uncle, how is he James Bond Jr?  We may never know.

This post was made as part of maddylovesherclassicfilms's 007 Blogathon.  Make sure to check out all the thrilling espionage and witty one-liners there.

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Wednesday Wrap-Up - 7/12/17

It's another busy week with a lot of updates.  I'm going on vacation next week to celebrate my son's first birthday, and I've got a lot to get done or started on at least before I go.

First, I've got a few blogathons coming up.  July 14th-17th, I'm taking part in Movies Silently's Swashathon, where I'll be looking at the incredible 90s cartoon, Pirates of Dark Water.

July 21-23, I'm checking out another 90s cartoon, James Bond Jr., for maddylovesherclassicfilms's 007 Blogathon.

This week, I'm going to be speeding my way through a few episodes of each of them and pushing out a few posts.  I'm also trying to write a post now about voice actors after the sad passing of Wally Burr, the casting director who assembled some of our favorite casts.  In addition to his work behind the mic, he played a few roles as well, and I want to pay tribute to him.

Bad Guy Beatdown is still going strong with Round 3's results just coming out.  Scorch kicked T-Ray's ass and still gives T-Ray more credit than he deserves.  I made a mistake in my last wrap-up post and said the fight was going to be Megatron vs. Miles Mayhem, but that fight is actually Round 4, so the respect thread is coming up next week.

Work is progressing with Old School Evil 1 and 2 novels as well.  I've submitted OSE 1 to the finisher group and should get some feedback on it at the beginning of August, so I'll have some changes to make in it when I go through it for the final draft (again). I'm also going to submit a chapter from it to my regular critique group.  It's one that has the most recent changes so there hasn't been a single eye on it, and I need it to be perfect!  Speaking of that group, I got feedback on the third draft of Old School Evil 2's first chapter, and this time it got a better reception, which is totally getting me amped up to write some more.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 3 Results

“Wall-eye, bring us down to the planet.” T-Ray watched out the window as the Mantanna slipped out of orbit above the giant blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean.  “The Tigersharks were fools for leaving this planet.”
The Manta-shaped ship descended through the atmosphere and was suddenly rocked to the side.  Wall-eye slumped forward onto the crystals that controlled the ship then fell back onto the floor.  T-Ray nudged his minion with his foot out of the way and took over the controls.  Wall-eye had been the main pilot of the ship, but T-Ray had enough knowledge to bring the ship under the sea.
During his last battle, stuck between the Tigersharks and Captain Bizarrely, left most of his crew dead and battered.  T-Ray was the only one to make it out unscathed, taking the Mantanna on the planet before dropping depth charges to destroy the Sark and taking Bizarrely’s with it. 
The ship glided through the sky, dropping down towards the water’s surface and passing under the great solitary shadow of a hovering fortress.  A lone jet took off from their hangar access bay, a black Saab 37 Viggen emblazoned with red and orange fire.  The plane shot through the sky and took residence next to the descending spaceship.  “You are in Skull Squadron air space!” the pilot shouted over the open channel.  “Follow me to the fortress or you’ll be shot out of the sky.”
T-Ray looked at the primitive airplane and scoffed.  That vehicle couldn’t survive the void of space, much less deep sea pressure.  He placed his hand on slender crystal and slid it deeper into the console, dipping the ship closer to the ocean.  At the same time, he jerked a short fat crystal up and to the left.  The ships long tail swung to one side slightly before swiping fully to the other side and catching the jet’s wingtip, electricity arcing through the metal appendage. 
The jet’s pilot cursed as his instruments popped and sparked.  He shook his hand at T-Ray, his face in a snarl half-hidden behind a black mask.  Before the jet, a pink wormhole popped open and the jet flew directly inside before both flashed out of sight.
T-Ray watched the portal’s appearance and the jet zooming through it with awestruck amazement.  As soon as the jet and portal disappeared, this T-Ray ceased to exist.
The swirling energy of the portal spiraled into reality in the upper atmosphere and spat out the Scorch’s smoking jet.  He felt a surge of luck that the jet’s time jump device wasn’t damaged in the shape-ship’s electric attack.  Although he wanted the ship’s space-capable design, there was no way he would allow that fish-faced monstrosity to continue to live after taking a swipe at him. 
As if on cue, the ship dropped into the atmosphere a few miles ahead of the Scorch’s Torch.  Scorch checked the weapons systems and found that the only one still functional was the only one he needed – the incendiary missiles.  He punched the button on his consoles and launched a barrage of them towards the spaceship.
The missiles struck the ship at the base of the tail, the explosion severing the appendage from the rear of the vehicle.  The ship rocked side to side and angled down towards the water.
Scorch surmised a fish-shaped ship would be right at home in the water and refused to let it land there.  He fired another volley of missiles at the surface of the water below the ship, forcing it to stay aloft or risk blowing up.  He steered the ship towards a small rocky island off the approaching coast.  Another missile fired at the rear of the ship caused it to flip in the air and crash into the tiny island.
The small hatch on the top of the ship popped open and a tiny white flag slid out.  T-Ray made his way out of the ship, wearing a water-filled helmet over most of his wide finned head.  “Come down here and meet me,” T-Ray said over his intercom.  “I think we have some business to discuss.”
“What business?” Scorch asked.
“Evil! What other kind of business is there?” T-Ray answered with a toothy grin.
“I’ll let my weapons speak for me,” Scorch said to himself, firing his last missile at his fishy foe.  The explosion hit at T-Ray’s feet and sent the top half of his body flipping through the air.  His torso landed on the white flag, impaling himself on the tiny pole.
“How’s that for evil?”
Click here for respect thread. 
While T-Ray's ship is obviously more capable than Scorch's Torch, there's one weapon that the Mantanna just cannot compete with - the Skull Squadron's time jump device.  I mean, technically, this Deus ex machine should be able to let him take out every villain here.  So far as I saw, there are no limitations to it.  It can go all the way back to the dinosaur age.  It's something he can turn on with a flip of the switch and doesn't even have any conditions to be met for it to be used.  It makes him practically invincible.
The Winner

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 3 Scorch vs. T-Ray

This is going to be a weird one - I'm only looking at a total of ten episodes for this round.  Ring Raiders was a five-episode mini-series and I can only find about that many episodes of Tigersharks.  I know it had a 65-episode run, but there's hardly anything available on all the cartoon sites I've searched.  So I guess it's a little fair for this round, right?

First, we're looking at Scorch.  Now, it's almost impossible to separate him from Scorch's Torch, his jet, so I've got to look at its abilities as well.  Scorch's main power, of course, is time jumping.  Every one of the Skull Squadron fighter planes is equipped with a time jumper, which allows them to travel to different time periods, including the future (well, at least the Ring Raiders are able to do it, so I assume they can too).  Apart from that, though, his jet is a basic fighter equipped with machine guns and generic missiles. 
Sure it's a pretty impressive jet, but besides flying through a time portal, it doesn't do anything other jets can't do.  It's grounded squarely in modern aeronautics.  Scorch himself has been said to be the subject of an experiment using special rays to make him "invulnerable," something that is only vaguely shown once when his flying ship is electrocuted but not really injured, unlike Hubbub who yowled in pain.  So that's about it for Scorch, who doesn't even have any personal weapon.
His opponent, T-Ray, shows even fewer abilities. T-Ray can breathe underwater (and uses a water tank to go on land) and carries a whip.  Just a regular whip, which he either lost or got cut in half in the two times he's wielded it.  I'm tempted to give him access to the Mantanna, which is T-Ray's and his Mantannas' ship, which is armed with a whipping electric tail, a heat ray, a lightning rod which shoots electricity, and missiles that look and move like metal eels. The ship can fly through space and underwater, which gives him a lot more accessibility than Scorch's Torch.  Unfortunately, he doesn't ever control it - he barks orders at Wall-eye to do most of the stuff. 

What can I say, this round is going to be boring as hell.