Monday, July 10, 2017

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 3 Results

“Wall-eye, bring us down to the planet.” T-Ray watched out the window as the Mantanna slipped out of orbit above the giant blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean.  “The Tigersharks were fools for leaving this planet.”
The Manta-shaped ship descended through the atmosphere and was suddenly rocked to the side.  Wall-eye slumped forward onto the crystals that controlled the ship then fell back onto the floor.  T-Ray nudged his minion with his foot out of the way and took over the controls.  Wall-eye had been the main pilot of the ship, but T-Ray had enough knowledge to bring the ship under the sea.
During his last battle, stuck between the Tigersharks and Captain Bizarrely, left most of his crew dead and battered.  T-Ray was the only one to make it out unscathed, taking the Mantanna on the planet before dropping depth charges to destroy the Sark and taking Bizarrely’s with it. 
The ship glided through the sky, dropping down towards the water’s surface and passing under the great solitary shadow of a hovering fortress.  A lone jet took off from their hangar access bay, a black Saab 37 Viggen emblazoned with red and orange fire.  The plane shot through the sky and took residence next to the descending spaceship.  “You are in Skull Squadron air space!” the pilot shouted over the open channel.  “Follow me to the fortress or you’ll be shot out of the sky.”
T-Ray looked at the primitive airplane and scoffed.  That vehicle couldn’t survive the void of space, much less deep sea pressure.  He placed his hand on slender crystal and slid it deeper into the console, dipping the ship closer to the ocean.  At the same time, he jerked a short fat crystal up and to the left.  The ships long tail swung to one side slightly before swiping fully to the other side and catching the jet’s wingtip, electricity arcing through the metal appendage. 
The jet’s pilot cursed as his instruments popped and sparked.  He shook his hand at T-Ray, his face in a snarl half-hidden behind a black mask.  Before the jet, a pink wormhole popped open and the jet flew directly inside before both flashed out of sight.
T-Ray watched the portal’s appearance and the jet zooming through it with awestruck amazement.  As soon as the jet and portal disappeared, this T-Ray ceased to exist.
The swirling energy of the portal spiraled into reality in the upper atmosphere and spat out the Scorch’s smoking jet.  He felt a surge of luck that the jet’s time jump device wasn’t damaged in the shape-ship’s electric attack.  Although he wanted the ship’s space-capable design, there was no way he would allow that fish-faced monstrosity to continue to live after taking a swipe at him. 
As if on cue, the ship dropped into the atmosphere a few miles ahead of the Scorch’s Torch.  Scorch checked the weapons systems and found that the only one still functional was the only one he needed – the incendiary missiles.  He punched the button on his consoles and launched a barrage of them towards the spaceship.
The missiles struck the ship at the base of the tail, the explosion severing the appendage from the rear of the vehicle.  The ship rocked side to side and angled down towards the water.
Scorch surmised a fish-shaped ship would be right at home in the water and refused to let it land there.  He fired another volley of missiles at the surface of the water below the ship, forcing it to stay aloft or risk blowing up.  He steered the ship towards a small rocky island off the approaching coast.  Another missile fired at the rear of the ship caused it to flip in the air and crash into the tiny island.
The small hatch on the top of the ship popped open and a tiny white flag slid out.  T-Ray made his way out of the ship, wearing a water-filled helmet over most of his wide finned head.  “Come down here and meet me,” T-Ray said over his intercom.  “I think we have some business to discuss.”
“What business?” Scorch asked.
“Evil! What other kind of business is there?” T-Ray answered with a toothy grin.
“I’ll let my weapons speak for me,” Scorch said to himself, firing his last missile at his fishy foe.  The explosion hit at T-Ray’s feet and sent the top half of his body flipping through the air.  His torso landed on the white flag, impaling himself on the tiny pole.
“How’s that for evil?”
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While T-Ray's ship is obviously more capable than Scorch's Torch, there's one weapon that the Mantanna just cannot compete with - the Skull Squadron's time jump device.  I mean, technically, this Deus ex machine should be able to let him take out every villain here.  So far as I saw, there are no limitations to it.  It can go all the way back to the dinosaur age.  It's something he can turn on with a flip of the switch and doesn't even have any conditions to be met for it to be used.  It makes him practically invincible.
The Winner

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