Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 3 Scorch vs. T-Ray

This is going to be a weird one - I'm only looking at a total of ten episodes for this round.  Ring Raiders was a five-episode mini-series and I can only find about that many episodes of Tigersharks.  I know it had a 65-episode run, but there's hardly anything available on all the cartoon sites I've searched.  So I guess it's a little fair for this round, right?

First, we're looking at Scorch.  Now, it's almost impossible to separate him from Scorch's Torch, his jet, so I've got to look at its abilities as well.  Scorch's main power, of course, is time jumping.  Every one of the Skull Squadron fighter planes is equipped with a time jumper, which allows them to travel to different time periods, including the future (well, at least the Ring Raiders are able to do it, so I assume they can too).  Apart from that, though, his jet is a basic fighter equipped with machine guns and generic missiles. 
Sure it's a pretty impressive jet, but besides flying through a time portal, it doesn't do anything other jets can't do.  It's grounded squarely in modern aeronautics.  Scorch himself has been said to be the subject of an experiment using special rays to make him "invulnerable," something that is only vaguely shown once when his flying ship is electrocuted but not really injured, unlike Hubbub who yowled in pain.  So that's about it for Scorch, who doesn't even have any personal weapon.
His opponent, T-Ray, shows even fewer abilities. T-Ray can breathe underwater (and uses a water tank to go on land) and carries a whip.  Just a regular whip, which he either lost or got cut in half in the two times he's wielded it.  I'm tempted to give him access to the Mantanna, which is T-Ray's and his Mantannas' ship, which is armed with a whipping electric tail, a heat ray, a lightning rod which shoots electricity, and missiles that look and move like metal eels. The ship can fly through space and underwater, which gives him a lot more accessibility than Scorch's Torch.  Unfortunately, he doesn't ever control it - he barks orders at Wall-eye to do most of the stuff. 

What can I say, this round is going to be boring as hell. 

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