Monday, July 24, 2017

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 4 - Megatron vs. Miles Mayhem

Alright, this is my most anticipated fight - two of my all-time favorite villains going head-to-head.  Both of them have a pretty wide away of abilities and weaponry and both are from cartoons that have hardly any consistency between episodes on how those weapons and powers work.  Seriously, one time they can blow up a mountain and the very next episode, their laser fire barely causes any damage to anything.  Since I watched these two cartoons more than any other back in the day, I'm fairly well-versed in their powers, so I only watched a handful of episodes of each to reacquaint myself with them.

First, we're looking at Megatron.  It's interesting how often he transforms into a pistol for another Decepticon to wield in the early episodes because I don't think he does it much after the first season.  Since it's a one-on-one battle, I don't think it'll play into it much, but it's just something I noticed.  Megatron's main abilities are flight and transformation and his primary weapon is the honkin' Fusion Cannon on his arm.  I don't think it was ever referred to by that name in the show, but it's pretty common knowledge, so I don't mind putting it in here.  The strength of his cannon varies wildly throughout the series.  In the episode Fire on the Mountain, he blasts a hole in a mountain that causes an avalanche, but later in the same episode, he shoots Brawn in the chest but causes no damage to him. 

The other weapon he had is the energy mace.  This only showed up in one episode, but since it's become such a huge part of Megatron to be featured on at least three figures (one reissue of the original figure included it and both of his Masterpiece figures does as well, not to mention it was homage as an action feature in the first Bay movie's figure), it's as much a part f him as the cannon is by now.  I've always liked it a lot more than Prime's axe.  Other powers that he's had that only showed up in one episode is a cable that came out of his chest to brainwash Bumblebee, but I don't think I need to include that since it was a power taken over by Bombshell later on in the series.  He also launches a saw blade from his forearm in the same episode and has a little laser there as well.  Still not worth including though...

Let's check out his opponent, Miles Mayhem.  First off, he's an expert helicopter pilot.  He's able to fly Switchbalde into small tunnels and caverns at least twice without any accident.  That's pretty damned impressive, especially since he has trouble outmaneuvering a flying car while he's piloting in jet mode.  Still, Switchblade's maneuverability and speed is top-notch among MASK and VENOM vehicles as he's able to avoid most weapons fire.  In terms of taking damage though, Switchblade isn't any more resistant than other vehicles, although sometimes taking a hit in jet mode still leave helicopter mode operational.

In helicopter mode, Switchblade doesn't display any weapon systems, but in jet mode, it has four laser cannons and an array of missiles, which vary in strength as much as Megatron's cannon does.  They can blow a boulder up in one episode but doesn't even damage a road in the next.  Their peak damage looks to be on par with Megatron's avalanche mentioned above.  They're incredibly easy to trick though, as they once followed a hologram of a MASK vehicle, indication that they're laser-guided and not heat-seeking. 

Miles's other weapon, of course, is Viper; his mask can shoot a concentrated stream of acid capable of melting through nearly anything.  And you can't tell me it wouldn't work Cybertronians when he's able to melt a hole in alien metal in the episode The Star Chariot. Viper also has some scanning technology in it that allowed him to search a person and his vehicle for a gemstone, so it could probably be set to just about any material.  It only showed up in one episode I know of, but it's such an innocuous power and is fitting with the rest of the masks' abilities, I don't mind keeping it in.

Both contenders have a fairly robust arsenal at their commands, so who comes out on top?  Check back next week for the results!

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