Monday, July 31, 2017

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 4 Results

“Starscream, have you been able to locate the meteor yet?”
The whiny voice of Megatron’s second-in-command shot out of his communicator.  “Megatron!  I had triangulated its whereabouts and was on the way there--”
“And?” Megatron shouted.
“It’s not my fault!  The Autobots intercepted me before I could get there!  Your goons Skywarp and Thundercracker turned tail as I continued to fight them, but it was no use.  I was forced to retreat for repairs!”
“Your cowardice knows no bounds, does it, Starscream?” Megatron said, launching into the air.  “I must have that meteor, the metals contained within are impervious to Autobot weapons.  You find a source of materials to repair yourself and the three of you meet me at its location in one megacycle!”
“One megacycle?” Starscream screeched.  “That’s not nearly enough time to repair the damage I sustained as I valiantly fought--”
“One megacycle!” Megatron shouted.  “If you do not meet me there, I’ll deactivate you myself!”
“Yes, Lord Megatron.”  The indicator on Megatron’s chest went out as the communicator shut off.  The massive robot flew across the countryside, surveying the radiation readings emanating from the space rock.  He could see no sign of the Autobots near it.  “Good, the meteor is mine for the taking.” He said to himself as he descended into the valley the meteor had crashed in.  As he touched down on the ground to claim his prize, a blue and orange helicopter crested the other wall of the valley.
A voice came out from the hovering vehicle.  “I don’t know who you are, but that meteor and all its power belongs to me.”
“A human, challenging me for what is rightfully mine?”  He spat out a laugh.  “Come take it from me!”
“Gladly.”  With a series of shifts and contortions, the helicopter transformed into a sleek jet bristling with laser cannons.
“An Autobot!” Megatron shouted.  He had never seen an Autobot with an aerial mode, much less a Transformer with two alternate forms, but there was no mistaking one of his accursed enemies had followed him here.  Megatron launched into the air to fight on equal footing.
Miles Mayhem had never seen a robot move so gracefully as it flew into the air.  Perhaps after he had destroyed its pilot, he could salvage its remains for his own evil deeds.  Even with its great maneuverability, he flew Switchblade in circles around the mechanoid and easily outpaced it in a pursuit. 
He performed an Immelmann turn, flying up and rolling over to face his adversary head-on.  He triggered his joystick and shot a barrage of laser fire from his front laser cannons. 
The robot rolled out of the way and took a vertical position.  “Your firepower is nothing compared to Megatron!” He placed his left hand over the massive cylindrical cannon on his right forearm and took aim at Switchblade.
Mayhem barely had time to avoid the massive blast of energy.  He rolled Switchblade twice in the air in a jerking motion, barely leveling out before hitting the canopy of the valley floor.  Another blast followed it, but Miles was prepared and activated his afterburners.  He flew towards the robot and launched a pair of missiles just before passing it.
The two projectiles struck dead center, creating a massive explosion that swallowed the robot.  Miles shook his fist in celebration, but dropped it as the robot appeared from the cloud of smoke and debris.
“Enough of this!” the robot yelled before backflipping in the air.  During the maneuver, his body twisted and shrank in on itself until it resembled a massive floating pistol.  Even without anyone holding the weapon, it aimed at Switchblade and produced a stream of devastating energy.
The blast struck Switchblade’s left wing, causing Miles to lose control.  As the jet dropped towards the valley floor, he pulled the handle at his side, reverting Switchblade to its weaponless helicopter mode. 
The robot expanded and changed back to his robot mode.  Dropping down to the ground, he laughed out loud.  “Have you lost the fight already?  Come take me on in robot mode, so I can crush you between my own servos!”
Miles wasn’t sure what the robot spoke off, but decided he had the right idea.  With Switchblade’s weapon systems offline, the only option was to ram the robot and hope the collision would take it off-line.  Switchblade would similarly be taken out of commission, but Miles knew he’d have no problem facing whoever piloted it while Viper still worked. 
Switchblade’s increased maneuverability in helicopter mode made evading the robot’s cannon fire was a breeze for Mayhem.  He weaved around each blast, steadily closing in on his target.  The robot must not have expected such an unorthodox attack and recoiled, covering his chest with the massive black cannon on his arm.  Just before they connected, Miles ejected from Switchblade.
The explosion sent shrapnel showering over the valley and puncturing Mayhem’s parachute as he descended.  He crashed through the forest canopy, but his fall was broken by the undergrowth.  He climbed out of the tree line to survey the damage to his opponent.
The robot survived the kamikaze attack, though his right arm, and the cannon mounted on it, had had taken the brunt of the damage.  The weapon had been blown clear off and the robot’s hand and forearm were reduced to a twisted metal skeleton.
“A human?” the robot screamed.  “You’ll pay for that, you miserable flesh-bag!”  The robot raised his mangled arm as if to bring it down directly on top of Mayhem.
“Viper on!” A stream of highly corrosive acid shot out from Miles’s mask, glowing hot.  It connected with the robot’s wrist and instantly began eating through the surviving metal.
The robot recoiled as the acid sprayed down his arm and towards his chest.  Miles turned on the scanners within his mask and searched for any other weak points in the robot’s construction.  Though he could not find any obvious cockpit, he spotted a chamber in the chest that had to hold something vital. He tilted his head down, bringing the stream of acid across the robot’s torso and eliciting a cry of pain from the mechanism. Miles smiled as he assumed Viper had melted into the pilot’s cockpit within the robot’s chest.  “I had hoped to salvage your robot when I defeated it, but if I have to melt the entire thing to slag to secure the meteor, so be it.”
A giant metal hand swung in from the side and grasped Mayhem before yanking him up into the air.  The sudden movement startled Mayhem into deactivating his mask and the acid stream petered out.  The robot lifted him up with its left hand, threatening to crush him within its grasp.  Miles tried aiming down to melt through the massive fingers that bound him, but the structure of his mask kept him from firing so close to his body.  As he came up through the air, Miles found himself face-to-face with this so-called Megatron.
“Nobody does that to me and continues to function, robot or otherwise!”
As Miles drew breath in to activate Viper once again and melt the robot’s face off, the hand jerked closed and his body exploded into a fine red mist.
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This battle turned out a lot closer than I thought it would be.  While Megatron obviously had a huge advantage with his size and firepower, Switchblade's maneuverability in both jet and helicopter mode kept Miles safe for a while.  Miles's only real advantage is his Viper mask, which has demonstrated the ability to melt through even alien metals, so Megatron's Cybertronian body was not impervious to it like most Earth weapons.  Still, his size and strength were too much for Miles to handle and brought Megatron to a delightfully messy win.

The Winner

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