Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wednesday Wrap-Up - 7/12/17

It's another busy week with a lot of updates.  I'm going on vacation next week to celebrate my son's first birthday, and I've got a lot to get done or started on at least before I go.

First, I've got a few blogathons coming up.  July 14th-17th, I'm taking part in Movies Silently's Swashathon, where I'll be looking at the incredible 90s cartoon, Pirates of Dark Water.

July 21-23, I'm checking out another 90s cartoon, James Bond Jr., for maddylovesherclassicfilms's 007 Blogathon.

This week, I'm going to be speeding my way through a few episodes of each of them and pushing out a few posts.  I'm also trying to write a post now about voice actors after the sad passing of Wally Burr, the casting director who assembled some of our favorite casts.  In addition to his work behind the mic, he played a few roles as well, and I want to pay tribute to him.

Bad Guy Beatdown is still going strong with Round 3's results just coming out.  Scorch kicked T-Ray's ass and still gives T-Ray more credit than he deserves.  I made a mistake in my last wrap-up post and said the fight was going to be Megatron vs. Miles Mayhem, but that fight is actually Round 4, so the respect thread is coming up next week.

Work is progressing with Old School Evil 1 and 2 novels as well.  I've submitted OSE 1 to the finisher group and should get some feedback on it at the beginning of August, so I'll have some changes to make in it when I go through it for the final draft (again). I'm also going to submit a chapter from it to my regular critique group.  It's one that has the most recent changes so there hasn't been a single eye on it, and I need it to be perfect!  Speaking of that group, I got feedback on the third draft of Old School Evil 2's first chapter, and this time it got a better reception, which is totally getting me amped up to write some more.

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