Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wednesday Wrap-up - 7/26/17

Wow, this has been a big week - I'm writing again!  Not just a little here and there, but a significant amount the last few days.  I've started the second chapter, one that's messed me up a lot lately because I didn't see how it could work.  But now I've got a great idea down and I'm rushing through it.  And it feels great! 

Early next month, I'm getting a lot of feedback on OSE 1 (one of my critiquers has said the book has made her laugh a lot), so I should be able to get it fully edited in the next few months.  I have long time thought that I wanted to wait to publish the first book until after I had the second book pretty close to publication.  There's a strategy of publishing books very close to each other so that you can build up momentum with buyers.  But I think Old School Evil 2's editing process is going to take a while and I don't want to wait until I reach some point in it to put Old School Evil 1 out.  There's still quite a bit of work before I can put it out - I have a cover I want to do, I have a bunch of supplemental stuff I need to finish up. 

I've been thinking of a plan for publishing as well, like how to put the book out there and get some kind of word-of-mouth.  I'm not sure how much this would help, but I'm not doing it just to publicize my book either.  I want to share it with people who love the stuff I love, so I plan on sending it to bloggers and YouTubers that talk about that stuff a lot.  James Rolfe and Mike Matei of Cinemassacre, some Transformers reviewers, and most importantly the 80s League (soon to be renamed the Retro League).  The last ones I can ask to help spread my work, but the rest of them, I'm just hoping to share it with them and they'll take the time to read it and enjoy it.  Anyway, it's a long time off...

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 4 is finally up (I teased it in the last two Wrap-ups and I apologize for getting them out of order and making you wait) and it's getting way more attention than any previous round.  It's got almost twice as many views and I'm actually getting comments on Facebook about who should win - and of course, everyone is thinking one guy will win.  I'm hoping to make it at least a little surprising and a lot closer than everyone's expecting.

One last little thing I picked up lately is an old Donatello figure for cheap.  As much as I love having the toy, his destiny is grim indeed.  I'm planning to split him down the middle and see how he works.  That way I can figure out how to model my own figures later down the line when I finally prototype a few of them. 

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