Monday, August 28, 2017

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 5 - Umbra vs Doc Terror

This week we're looking at just one of the this round's combatants because their cartoon is such a pain to slog through.  I can say now with utter certainty that I hate Mighty Orbots.   What a terrible cartoon.  Next week, we'll look at his opponent, Doc Terror from the Centurions.  After their fight, we're going back to covering both fighters in the same respect thread.

Anyway, I will admit I was wrong about Umbra.  In my Villain Retrospect, I stated that Umbra didn't actually do anything until the final episode when the Orbots attacked him directly.  I jumped the gun - it seems he was able to do accomplish a few things of his own in three other episodes.  In episode 3, he's able to broadcast a hologram of something instead of just his face to the Galactic good guys and he could hack their broadcasts.  He was also able to hack a planetary defense grid, but only after someone else had shut it down.  He moved the Shadow Star through space once, using what looked like boosters on the surface.  And finally, in Episode 8, he showed some real chops, using telekinesis to move Dr. Phoenix's corpse and bring it back to life.  He shot Dr. Phoenix with a virus through a random monitor and remotely controlled him and a number of other devices infected with said virus.  Finally, he used a holographic projection to remotely shut down Dr. Phoenix (he was half cyborg) even after the virus had been disabled. 

Umbra's ability to hack into machines and transmissions is going to be difficult for Doc Terror to overcome, but the real challenge will be fighting Umbra inside the Shadow Star, Umbra's own personal moon.  In the last episode, the Mighty Orbots takes the fight to Umbra and fight their way through Umbra's defenses.  And those defenses are pretty formidable.  He's got a whole army of Shadowbots and a massive robot called the Destructitron.  He can capture opponents within force bubbles and create illusions and even muse mental powers to confuse and incapacitate enemies.  The Orbots were only able to win by destroying Umbra's computer banks within the Shadow Fortress.

I'm not sure how Doc Terror has a chance against Umbra, especially if he has to take the fight to Umbra's home turf.

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