Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My Megatron Collection

With Megatron winning last week's Bad Guy Beatdown, I figured it might be time to show off my Megatron collection with it's two newest additions. 

Left is a new Kre-o Battle Changer and right is The Last Knight Legends figure.  I thought the Kre-o line was cancelled, but an eagle-eyed shopper spotted this new pack at Dollar General, and a few of us have spent a lot of time tracking them down.  On a side note, the C-clamps on the set stink and I already broke the one that holds the gun on in tank mode.  Boo.  Anyway, onto the rest of the collection!

I am a huge fan of Megatron (it was really hard not to let that sway his battle), and have been collecting his figures all the way back to Beast Wars.  The oldest figure I've owned continuously is Beast Wars Transmetal II Megatron, and he's one of my favorites - Action Master Megatron is the oldest one I own now, though I only bought it a few years ago off eBay (I have the tank too, but it won't fit on the shelf with everything else). I've broken down my collection by shelf.

Top shelf is mainly movie figures and the Unicron Trilogy characters.  Probably my least favorite characters, but the toys are pretty awesome.  And yes, I know that's Cybertron Galvatron and not Megatron, but I like the colors better, so I'll give it a pass.  There's also ChoroQ Megatron, but I honestly don't even know where he's supposed to fit.  WfC belongs on the bottom shelf, there just isn't any room.  The bottom shelf is my favorite Megatron characters: Beast Wars, Animated, and Prime.  You'll notice the presence of Robot Heroes figures there, but none are on the top shelf.  I have all of the movie Robot Heroes Megatrons, but I'm planning on getting rid of them and only keeping the G1 and BW figures because they actually look good.  The Transmetal figure's in beast mode because of GPS - Gold Plastic Syndrome, which made certain gold or gold-speckled pieces really brittle.  One of his arms broke off when I transformed him once for my Megatrons Anonymous comic and after super-gluing it back on, I've left him in beast mode.

That leaves the middle shelf.  This is really my pride and joy - the real history of Megatron.

The OG Megatron is actually a re-release from decades ago, and I only just took him out of the package within the last few years.  The stand he's set up on is from one of the Titanium figures.  I haven't even applied the stickers.  I've got Action Master and G2 Megatron in there - what a difference of size between the two figures!  I found G2 at toy show a few years ago, and even though the electronics still work - "Megatron Attack!" - all of its accessories are missing.  I've got two awesome statues and a number of other non-transforming figures, including Revoltech Megatron.  The cannon broke off one time when setting up a picture for the comic and it's been taped on lazily since then.  I really need to try some glue instead.

I am so insanely proud of my Megatron collection and it's taken a lot of time, money, and effort to track them all down.  Besides the older figures I have, some of my more prized pieces are Alternity (I have the black and red but would have preferred the more faithful silver one), Megabolt Megatron from Beast Machines/RiD, and a broken Armada Happy Meal toy.  There are only a few I don't have that I'd love to get down the line - Sega Megadrive, maybe a Kid Logic figure, a model kit (I've got the metal one but haven't assembled it yet), and even though it looks like crap, I should get the War Within Titanium figure some day.  And of course, that phenominal new Masterpiece figure.  Oh yeah, a better case to display them in too!

Oh, I forgot one!

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