Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wednesday Wrap-up - 8/2/17

August already?

First off, something funny.  I got another rejection yesterday.  I can't remember the agent's name, but I had sent a query to him so long ago that Query Tracker had closed it automatically two weeks ago.  Here's an example of why I've decided to self-publish.  Having moved to electronic queries, the response time was supposed to have been much quicker, yet I'm still only getting responses five months later.  And for it to only be one of those "I'm not the right fit" form replies is just disappointing.  Oh, well, glad I'm not worrying about this now.

I've still been writing almost every day now, which feels great.  It's not a lot each time - I'd definitely lose NaNo with this meager output - but it's way better than what I was doing at the beginning of this year.  Don't ask me how soon I'd be able to finish this draft, but I know someday it'll be completed.

I think I've said this before, but one thing I want to do before I can finish the first book is build up some supplemental stuff.  I'm talking about the Production Bibles for the main cartoons represented in the book, namely Hurricanines, Defenders of Dino City, Ultra City Ultra Twins since the main characters are from those.  I'm planning to do a few other shows for characters that show up a few times in the cartoon as well, so there will be six production bibles in total.  These are all written but, need a look over to make sure they're ready to share.  The one problem I've got is logos and titles. 

You've got such great logos and title screens here with some great effects on them.  I need to take a lot of my own logos, some of which I haven't even come up with, that feel like they fit in with these.  I've only got one I consider completed (Huricanines as seen below).

I still need to come up with a title for it.  For the logos I had first made, I took fonts I found for free online and just plugged it in.  If you look at those title screens above, only a few of them look like they just took a regular font and modified it a bit.  Hopefully, I can create some title screens that really fit with their logos and look completely original.

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 4 is out and I am pretty proud of how it turned out.  Almost everyone on Facebook agreed that Megatron was going to stomp Miles, so to keep the battle relatively even between the two combatants was important to me.  Miles was always destined to lose, I think, but there's no way he'd go down without hurting Megatron.  Next round is coming up, but may be delayed a week because of how much I need to watch.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to watch a bunch and keep on track to post the respect thread next Monday for Round 5 - Doc Terror from Centurions vs. Umbra from the Mighty Orbots.

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