Monday, September 25, 2017

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 6 - Big Boss vs. Dr. Scarab

Yes, I watched both cartoons in one week!  13 episodes each of COPS and Bionic Six, and I actually liked them!  This is the first time I've seen this much of Bionic Six, and I loved how off the wall Dr. Scarab could be - it's not often you see a main bad guy in a cartoon that was as funny as him (besides Filmation's shows).  Big Boss was a lot less interesting, portraying the stereotypical mob boss and not doing much else.  Just take a look at this:

Big Boss didn't do too much at all in the episodes I watched.  Unlike Dr. Scarab who usually leads his forces against his protagonist, Big Boss sits in his office and orders his goons around.  There's one episode I saw when he was out with his crew - "The Case of C.O.P.S. File #1, Part 1" had Big Boss on site of Dr. BadVibes's test site for a new invention, the Ultimate Crime Machine.  That's the episode where he's holding the gun above, but he doesn't fire it. 

This is the same episode where he shows that his robotic hand has any enhanced strength - he crushes a desk phone in it like it was made out of paper.  Actually, this is the only episode I watched where he shows any kind of ability whatsoever.  It's a pretty pathetic showing, especially because in another episode, "The Case of the Bulletproof Waldo," when faced with a replica BP Vess, he drops to his knees and grovels, even offering to launch himself into space to avoid being thrown in jail. 

Big Boss does have one slight advantage - Scratch.  This is his pet Weasel with the same cybernetics as Big Boss.  Generally, it doesn't do anything but sit in his lap, get petted, and run away when Big Boss slams his fist on his desk (while not damaging the desk like it should).  There is one exception: When Big Boss needed to get some supplies to a goon in prison, he had Scratch fly in, using some wings on its back.  I'm not certain if this was something he can do regularly or if it was added to his robotic parts, but I'm willing to give that to him.

Dr. Scarab, thankfully, has a lot more to draw from.  While he generally leads his minions into battle, he does, however, let them do most of the heavy lifting.  He has shown a few abilities though, like this bionics-detecting cybernetic eye.  In the episode "Bionics On: The 1st Adventure" he was able to find Bionic 1 while he was hiding behind a rock. 

He's also got some semblance of enhanced strength - in "Happy Birthday, Amadeus!" he and two of his minions were punching holes in a cement wall.  It took them a number of hits to do it, but he was making as much progress as the Mechanic, who usually is portrayed as having super-strength.

He's obviously got more technical intelligence - while Big Boss has to depend on Dr. BadVibes for his criminal inventions, Dr. Scarab is able to make them all himself.  In his inventory is a Bionic Masking device, which makes him and his minions look like anyone else; darkness grenades, which emit a thick black smoke; a laser pistol; a giant vtol craft, which looks eerily like the Ultimate Crime Machine from COPS; and a robot army, the Cyphrons.  Granted, the robots are easily destroyed by just about everything and are hardly armed - in the episode "Brain Food," one was armed with a freaking whip.  Not even a laser whip like Vanessa Warfield in MASK, just a regular leather whip, like T-Ray in Tigersharks.  How lame.

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