Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Top 5 Cartoon Crushes

My friend Gill of Realweegiemidget Reviews tagged me on Twitter with her 5 Flaming Hotties post and asked for my two cents.  While I can't say much about her choices, I've been meaning to post my own cartoon crushes for quite a while and this has given me ample opportunity. 

Before I begin, let's talk a bit about the rules given to me.

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2. List 5 of your all-time greatest hotties from TV or Film. ie crushes/objects of your affection.
3. Say how you were introduced to them, and why you like them (keep it clean)
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6. Oh…and post the rules.

April O'Neil

Okay, let's start off with the obvious one. What preteen kid could see this scene and not be instantly enamored with this yellow-jumpsuited reporter?  As soon as she came on screen, we all looked just like Michelangelo there.  The little pervert.  April was the first real crush for so many kids of my generation, and it's no question why.  Almost every episode had her either tied up like above or slung over someone's shoulder.  As often as she was kidnapped, you'd think she took some lessons from her ninja friends - something later incarnations of her finally figured out.


Introduced in Transformers: The Movie, Arcee has become a mainstay of the Transformers roster. From her kickass attitude to the metal buns on her head, pretty obvious robotic take on Princess Leia, while gaining the motherly overtones with fellow newcomer, Daniel Witwicky.  While many may not have liked her for the overly girly representation - all that pink was a little over the top - there was no doubting this fembot knew how to kick Decepticon ass.  Sure there were a few female Autobots that showed up before Arcee is Season 2, but she was the first one to have a prominent regular roll in the cartoon, and I for one was glad she stuck around. 


The Thundercats started out in one of the weirdest ways possible - every one of the characters was depicted nude in their introductions.  Sure there were some clothing lines around the crotch and shoulders to try to hide the nudity, but we all knew what was going on, and that made it all the harder not to stare at this cat-lady.  It certainly didn't hurt that she was the most capable of the females on this list, able to take out scores of Mutants at a time, running at top speed and blurring through the battlefield. 

Now on to the bad girls...


There's something about a woman who could blast you into smithereens with just a few words.  Evil-Lyn, oftentimes Skeletor's second-in-command and perpetual schemer to wrest control from him, was sometimes portrayed as the only competent villain in the show.  She knew how to cast spells that rivaled Skeletor's own, and she could hold her own against her nemesis, Teela, in hand-to-hand combat.  She had a perfect evil laugh and under that headwear of hers, she had surprisingly short white hair.  It all came together to make one of the very best of the bad girls.

Vanessa Warfield

There's something special about a woman who wears a skintight suit and has a whip as a weapon.  Just like Evil-Lyn, Vanessa was sometimes portrayed as the only competent bad guy in M.A.S.K., while her fellow cronies, Cliff Dagger, and Sly Rax were falling on their faces and asses all the time.  She was gruff and aggressive, very take charge, and if you didn't comply with whatever order she gave you, you got spanked with the energy whip her mask was named after.  I gotta admit, even to this day, that doesn't sound like a bad prospect.

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  1. So love this post - made me giggle - and might explain why 80s boys liked these cartoons - couldnt understand it then. Think we need a follow up post with Penelope Pitstop, Daphne (or Velma) and Captain Cavemen's girls... Thanks for bringing this alternative list to our hotties attention. Guess we girls just had He-Man (but you probably know of a few more we'd like so do tag me if you do a post on this for us gals)