Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wednesday Wrap-Up - 9/13/17

Hasn't been a particularly productive week.  I spent a lot of time during last week finishing a friend's book for a critique session on Sunday.  I'm not a big fan of romances, but she sure knew her stuff.

The rest of the week, I've been working on a few designs for the appendix I'm going to include in Old School Evil.  While I've got all the production bibles written up and ready to go, I need insignias for each of the cartoons.  I've got a rough draft done in Illustrator for some of them - Ultra City Ultra Twins, Defenders of Dino City - and the Hurricanines is completely done.  There are a few that I haven't done anything with yet besides sketching. 

One of those is Genius InQ, an Inspector Gadget-type cartoon with three super-smart kids inventing the craziest things and their adopted father, Chairman Brain, trying to steal their inventions and selling them to the highest bidder.  The kids - Rico, Hiro, and Tito - foil Brain's plans all by accident, with the help of their supercomputer, Mama.  Here's my very basic idea for the title image.

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  1. Genious Inc sounds like a really entertaining cartoon. Thanks for telling me about this cartoon.I will surely check it out soon.