Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wednesday Wrap-Up - 9/27/17

I went to my first Con!  Here in Reno, one of the casinos holds it's own miniature Comic-Con, I think this is its 4th year, and this is the first time I attended.  I only went for an hour - it's that small - to check out what it was like.  One of my friends in my critique group was there peddling her wares.  She had a few books and shared a table with another writer.  There were two other authors there and a few comic writers, but most were comic and toy vendors.  And, no, I didn't find any toys I wanted.  Seeing the crowd and how little attention the authors were getting had me worried about doing a con myself, but it's something I'll have to push myself into doing. I had my wife come with me to get some insight from her.  She's offered to sell some related crafts at the table with me, which would be awesome!

It turns out the other big comic-con in Reno, WizardWorld, has canceled its appearance this year.  I think its first appearance was only last year, so it might just not happen here again ever.  There is one other convention in town that I know of, but I'm not sure it still happens or not.  It's SNAFU - Sierra Nevada Anime Fans Unite! and I've heard authors say they get a ton of business at anime conventions, so it's worth it to check out as well.

Other than that, I've been editing the first book again, doing one last draft to get it fully polished.  I'm so close to finishing it, then I can put it aside - at least until I can afford to have an editor take a look at it.  Once that's done, it's all logos, insignias, and onto the cover.

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