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Bad Guy Beatdown Round 6 Results

                Dr. BadVibes’s brain crackled with electricity under the glass dome atop his head.  The criminal inventor showed Big Boss his latest masterpiece.  “I call it UPBEAT – the Unstoppable Potential Big Energy Athletic Tracksuit.”
                “Mahh,” Big Boss said, looking over it.  He rubbed his chin with his cybernetic left hand.  “It looks like ballerina’s outfit.  What’s it do?”
The skin-tight garment clung on the mannequin BadVibes had hurried into Big Boss’s office.  Two boxes hung on the hips and thick red wires ran from them over both arms and legs.  BadVibes gave the suit another glance then sneered at Big Boss.  “It’s a technological marvel!” the doctor said.  “It amplifies the wearer’s strength tenfold!  Using these two batteries,” he said, pointing at the boxes on the suit, “the UPBEAT is able to magnetically repel any projectiles fired at it.”
“Mahh, that suit could make us invincible!”  Big Boss took it off the mannequin and stretched out the fabric in multiple directions.  “How do I get the darned thing on?”
“No, no,” Dr. BadVibes said, cowering a bit.  “It won’t work on you.”
“What?” Big Boss replied, throwing the outfit over the doctor’s head.  He stepped closer and shook his metal fist an inch from BadVibes’s face.  “Why did you bother bringing it to me if I can’t use it myself?”
“I can make more!” BadVibes squawked.  “I only had enough materials to make one, so I made it to fit Berzerko.  He can steal the rest of the materials I need.”
Big Boss sat back down in his chair, taking his pet cybernetic weasel into his arms.  He ran his metal hand down Scratch’s back.  “Berzerko – I don’t trust my idiot nephew to tie his shoes, much less steal the stuff you need.  Send Rock Krusher and Buttons McBoomBoom with him to keep him in line, mahh.”
Before BadVibes could turn around to leave, Big Boss said, “And BadVibes, if that suit doesn’t guarantee they get the merchandise, I’ll wrap it around your throat!”
The Allied Technologies International building was a gleaming skyscraper on the Empire City horizon.  State-of-the-art advanced robot drones patrolled the entrance, occasionally chirping out orders to each other in passing.  Across the street, hiding in a large purple van, Dr. Scarab watched the security and formulated a plan. 
“Uh, what are we doing here, boss?” Mechanic asked in his slow drawl. 
“That building houses some of the most advanced bionics research in the country,” Dr. Scarab said, raising a fist at his idiotic minion.  “If we steal that research, I can upgrade all of us enough to finally defeat those Bionic buffoons!”
“And how do you suppose we get in there?” Glove asked.
“I’m working on it.”  Dr. Scarab wished he was back at his base, sitting in his mechanical chair, just so he could blast the two for questioning him.  He made a mental note to do so when they returned, no matter the outcome of this robbery.
“Whatever you’re planning, you’d better do it quick,” Glove said, pointing his bionic hand at one of the monitors.  “It looks like someone may be beating you to it.”
The screen showed three people walking up to the front of the building.  The trio were obviously criminals of a sort – one of them was still wearing a prison outfit – and they strode up to the robots without an ounce of apprehension. 
“Watch me take these two robots out, Krusher,” the blonde in the lead said.  He squeezed a button in his lapel and an aura of pink energy flared around him.  The robots took notice and dispensed a warning, which the three men ignored.  After the allotted 30 seconds offered, the robots armed their weapons to fire.  The first robot’s shots danced off the aura before clattering to the ground.
“Interesting,” Dr. Scarab said.  He looked out the front window of the van and activated the sensor in his bionic eye.  An outline in the man’s clothes glowed red.  “He’s bionic, wearing some kind of augmented suit.”  He looked over the other two with him.  The larger man in the prison outfit tested negative for bionics, but the third, a tall thin man in a red trenchcoat glowed ferociously from his chest under Scarab’s bionic eye.  “There’s some kind of weaponry hidden in the other man’s torso.”
“What do we do then?” Glove asked. 
On the monitor, the man with the glowing forcefield ran two steps to a robot and slugged it in the front-facing monitor.  The top half of the robot was ripped from its treads and sent flying through the air. 
“Wow, this suit is radical!” the man said, flexing his arms while repelling more shots from the second robot. 
“Stop grandstanding, Berzerko!” the thin mad said.  He pulled his coat open and two heavy barrels flipped out of his chest.  The massive guns shredded the second robot before the first man could try knocking it out of the street.
“Hey, Buttons, I was going to get him!”
Behind the two arguing in the street, the third man with the prison outfit on was chipping away at the security door with a jackhammer.  “Do you to think you can help me out with this?”
“I think we can lend a hand,” Glove said, stepping out of the van and lifting his hand up at them.  He fired a volley of lasers from the device strapped to his hand.  The rays bounced off the forcefield in an umbrella of sparks.
“Don’t shoot at him, you idiot!” Dr. Scarab said.  “Hit the ground below him.”  He grabbed Glove’s arm and angled it downwards at the street.  The ground erupted into rubble and sent Berzerko backwards.
“What’s the big idea?” Berzerko said, as the round forcefield rolled across the street and bounced off the side of the building.  As fast as it moved, he found himself unable to get back to his feet.  “Guys, stop me!”
Buttons ignored Berzerko’s pleas for help and trained his chest-mounted cannons on Dr. Scarab.  “I don’t know who you are, but I know you’re not COPS.  And no criminals can muscle in on Big Boss’s operation.”  Before he could fire, Glove shot him in the chest, twisting the metal barrels and causing McBoomBoom’s two guns to explode.  Buttons flew back and landed in the street, unconscious and smoking from his torso.
The man with the jackhammer turned around and dashed at Dr. Scarab, holding the improvised weapon forward.  Mechanic slammed his fist to his chest and called out, “Hail Scarab!”  His bionics lit up with energy, and he met the jackhammer man in midstride.  He caught the jackhammer’s chisel with both hands and lifted it, and the man wielding it, into the air.  He spun the jackhammer around in a circle and tossed the man into the park across from the ATI building.
“Well, that takes care of those two,” Dr. Scarab said, putting his foot up to the rolling forcefield to stop it.  “Now we just need to figure out how to get you out of there.”  It took an hour, but the Dr. Scarab’s minions finally wore down the battery that powered the forcefield.  Mechanic hefted Berzerko over his head and held him up for Dr. Scarab to interrogate, the light glinting from the doctor’s head mirror in the crook’s terrified eyes.
Big Boss ran his hand down Scratch’s back as his nephew and entourage waltzed into his office empty-handed.  “Mahh. Where’s the loot?” he shouted, scaring the weasel out of his hands and onto BadVibes’s shoulder.
Berzerko paused a moment as if getting his thoughts in line.  “Some scary dudes showed up and ran us off.”
“They did?” Rock Krusher said, holding his finger to his chin.  Buttons smacked him on the back of the head and shushed him.
“Shut your mouths!” Big Boss said, slamming his mechanical hand into the desk and shattering it in half.  “You bumbling idiots can’t even get… What are you looking at?”
Berzerko had watched Big Boss chopping his desk with unusual attention without any of his trademark cowardice.  Now his eyes were trained onto the hand Big Boss was just shaking at the trio.
Big Boss looked over his hand for some sign of damage.  “What’s the matter?”
“The matter,” Berzerko said, losing his high-pitched voice, “is that you have something I want.”  He turned to Dr. BadVibes and his electric brain.  The others raised their right hands in unison and brought them down to their chests, shouting, “Hail Scarab!”  The illusion disappeared, Big Boss’s goons turning into a short and squat hillbilly and a purple army man with a metal glove.  The two grabbed Dr. BadVibes by the elbows.
“Who are you?” Big Boss asked, stepping back from his nephew’s doppelganger. 
“Hail me!” Berzerko said, and in a flash of light, was replaced by a portly doctor with a technorganic eye. Big Boss dropped to his knees and pleaded in front of him, but the doctor closed in and grinned.  “Now let’s take a look at that hand.”

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This match came down to one thing - technology and who controls it.  While Big Boss had a genius in his pocket with Dr. BadVibes, Dr. Scarab's knowledge of bionics surpasses most of BadVibes's inventions and has imparted it on every one of his subordinates.  BadVibes isn't even responsible for Big Boss's mechanical hand as he had it before meeting the mad doctor.  Most of BadVibes's inventions are one-time use only, like suits that empower criminals or robotic vehicles, and none are advanced as Dr. Scarab's inventions - especially the bionics that power him and his minions.

Another advantage Dr. Scarab has is the fact that he is personally involved with whatever plan he concocts. He doesn't leave the victory in the hands of his goons - he usually leads the charge. If Big Boss was more involved, keeping an eye on Berzerko or the others, he could personally make sure things go smooth, but he seems content to wait on the results and punish them as they fail (which Dr. Scarab does as well, but at least he saw them fail with his own eyes).

Lastly, we've seen Big Boss break down when he's confronted face-to-face with an enemy.  As soon as he saw BP Vess in the Case of the Bulletproof Waldo, he dropped to his knees and begged for his life.  Big Boss is not a fighter of any sort, unless his foe is a helpless desk.
The Winner
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