Monday, October 23, 2017

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 7 - Venger

This week we're taking a look at the infernal wizard himself, Venger from Dungeons & Dragons. I never got a chance to watch this show as a kid, and he was the first villain I found when I was doing the second half of my Villain Retrospect series, and I was astonished that we had an actual accomplished villain here.  Venger proves himself to be a real powerhouse in practically every episode of his show and I honestly feel sorry for any of his opponents.

Venger's got himself some impressive powers, but his most used one is shooting mystical bolts from his hands.  Though most of them aren't shown to cause any damage (as it is with Skeletor's blasts), he can cause avalanches and blow holes in stone walls.  Sometimes the bolts are replaced with some form or energy ball or bubble, but it has the same effect - even when it's reflected back at him, it's strong enough to knock him off a cliff. 

His defenses are also strong, he's shown on multiple occasions to deflect magical blasts from other wizards with his palm.  That's just awesome.  Other times when he's hit, he shrugs it off most of the time, and only a few times was he ever knocked back.
Often you'll find Venger on top of his horse, which I don't think has a name, but it looks cool as hell with a black skull face-plate.  Venger himself has wings that double as a cape, but he only seems to fly when he's riding the horse, so I think the wings are just decoration and the flight is a power the horse has.  I mentioned him falling off a cliff before and instead of flying back up, he teleported away, so I'm pretty sure he cannot fly at all.  The teleport is only a one-time ability too, so I'm not sure I can count it.

Venger also shows the ability to conjure up illusions, whether they're free-floating or in a magic orb.  Not too useful, but they always show up in the most awesome way at the end of the episode.  In three occasions in the 13 shows I saw, he was trapped by another force in some temple or castle and to escape, he obliterates the entire structure in an atomic bomb-looking explosion, where the mushroom cloud morphs into his visage.  It is such a powerful image and if I had seen it as a kid, I would have been blown away. 

It's often said that Venger is the most powerful sorcerer in the show (besides Dungeon Master, apparently), and it only afraid of one thing; Taimat, the five-headed dragon.  In fact, in an unproduced final episode, the kids decide to defeat Venger once and for all by using Tiamat.  I think to examine Venger's strengths, we need to take a look at Tiamat's.  Each of the five heads breaths a different elemental effect - the main head is the typical fire, but the other heads appear to breath ice, poisonous gas, shadow (?), and electricity.  He appears to be invulnerable to any of Venger's blasts, although he was hurt when Venger enhanced his attack with the kids' magical weapons.  Too bad it only happened once.  Besides that, Venger ends up being chased away by Tiamat when they face off.  If that's the only thing he's scared of, that's still damned impressive.

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