Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Wednesday Wrap-Up - 10/25/17

The end of October's coming too fast!  As I'm working on my last draft of Old School Evil, I'm splitting my time between reading through the manuscript at work and finding places to edit and my time at home where I'm making the actual edits.  Unfortunately, the time at home is not available as my work time so while the notes are plenty, the edits are not.  Still, I am hoping to make those edits as soon as possible.

One of the changes I've been focusing on lately is the supporting characters.  One of the biggest criticisms I had from my finisher group is that the supporting characters, the ones Jayce finds during his adventure, are not as fleshed out as they should be.  And it's true.  They played a part in the book, but I never spent too much time defining their motivations and goals, or even their pasts.  I knew what they were when Jayce found them, but not much before or after that.  So on this last draft, I'm finding places to expand on them.

There are three of these characters, each of them the children of a villain just like Jayce.  Jeff, Jayce's first friend (whose name may end up changing to set himself apart from Jayce's new name), is the son of Professor Rex, the leader of the Terrorsaurs, the villains from Defenders of Dino City.  After finding him, Jayce is tasked with finding Nicky, the daughter of Big Gun, one of the antagonists from Ultra City Ultra TwinsThe third I'm keeping a secret since I haven't introduced his father yet. 

While each of these characters wanted something within the book, I didn't put much a reason behind it, no long-term goals or deep motivations.  So I'm trying to add those in - Jeff feels abandoned by his father and wants to know why and gain some kind of acceptance.  Nicky, who group up with a shitty mom, was raised to feel useless, like she will never amount to anything and eke on by.  Once she found out about her father and all the villainous things he's done, she feels empowered to show how "bad-ass" she can be too.  Carlos follows a similar path, but at completely opposite ends.

I don't think any of these changes will drastically change the story, but since these characters all play a big part in this book and the rest of the series (however long it turns out to be), it makes sense that they are fleshed out as much as possible.  And these changes will only dictate how they act further along in each of their stories.

Bad Guy Beatdown Round 7 will be posted next week and I think it's going to be a great fight.  I'm glad it's going to be two magic users battling it out, makes it a little easier to compare the pair's abilities.

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